Enhance involvement with your Child's School with MobileArq

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Enhance involvement with your Child's School with MobileArq 

At my school we have a PTO/PTA parents group.  Every month we meet up and discuss events, budgets and ways to improve things.  It is awesome and the parents that come put so much time, love and effort into it.
Sadly sometimes I am unable to make these monthly meetings!  I always feel horrible as if I missed something or was unable to volunteer for an event.  I figured I couldn't be the only one with these communication issues.  

And guess what?  I'm not!  Other parents can't make the meetings or some parents just feel awkward going to them.  
Wouldn't it be nice if there was an easier way to stay in touch?  To have all the information at the touch of a button.
Thanks to MobileArq it is possible!
Wondering what MobileArq is?
MobileArq is a way to easily connect parents and even staff members.  All you need is your cell phone to stay up to date with events, activities and even classroom happenings.
For example say a teacher is in need of a certain school supply she can post on MobileArq and parents can check in and see what is needed.   Lets admit it, those cute notes they send home often times get lost in transit.  I would love a digital version.

PTA can also post about fundraising and even their directory so parents can easily find what they need.

You have no clue how many times I was running late for something and for the life of me couldn't remember the number to call.  Thanks to MobileArq and its online directory I can access all that with my cell phone!
It is so easy to use and makes connecting with PTO/PTA and teachers a breeze.

Why Choose MobileArq?

1.  A super easy-to-use all, easy to access area that combines a school directory for parents with a fundraising & group communications option for the PTA/PTO. 
2.  Experience and expertise in data Security.  Oh and you decided how much personal information you want to add.  This is like the cloud version of a normally printed directory.  You choose the information you include. 
3.  Prompt and unlimited customer service.  Can't figure something out, no need to worry with super fast customer service you will be figuring it out in no time.
4.  Grow your PTA/PTO group and reach parents who were otherwise unable to take part.
5. No more losing information since the directory can be accessed at anytime.  You just need your cell phone.

You can text or email if you need to get a message to another parent.

MobileArq has made getting involved easier than ever!  To learn more please see my link below: