How to Make Traveling with Kids Easier

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own

How to make traveling with kids easier 

We have all been there on the road trip bad enough to drive us temporarily insane.  The crying, screaming, losing stuff, asking are we there yet, the huge food/drink spills, the items that seem to coming flying to the front seat like launched missiles... Yeah been there done that, have the DIY (yeah I made it myself, lol) award for surviving.
I don't enjoy car rides I already get naturally car sick and the hecticiness just makes it worse.

Over the years I discovered a few things work.  
 We play fun family games, my oldest is old enough to play the Alphabet game.  Where we look for each letter on road signs, gas stations, ect.  
The color game - This is fun for my youngest we look for certain colors and keep score to see who finds each first.

Finally the name game - We watch passing car (Yes we are that creepy family staring at you) and guess the other persons name.  Quinn isn't too good at this one, according to him everyone (Man, Woman, children and a few dogs) are named Bob.....  Brandon Jr is a bit more creative and gives people names like Sally Loo Purple car driving Magoo.
It is fun, silly and puts the fighting to an end.

My hubby and I are horrible with directions so from time to time I can't entertain the kids.  I need to help navigate and get us from point A to point B.....  After my hubby got us lost at point Z
So we take lots of things to keep them entertained.
Portable DVD player
Hand Held games
Old photo books to look through
smaller toys

Instead of stopping every 20 minutes I provide snacks from home.  This saves time and money.  I pack each of my kiddos there own portion this way there will be no fighting and not as much passing back and forth (helps to avoid drops)

Before a long trip get the car ready before hand.  Instead of trying to reach back as you are driving to find something or move something, do this all before hand.

Now these are all great tips, but like most parents they don't always work.  Things still fall, get lost and spill.

I still need help.
I'm excited about the newest product that will be joining us for now on!

 Portable activity table top that is designed to hold modular, swappable activity cases filled with education and entertainment kits, mess and slip-free food containers, and packaged foods.

These are great for in the car, at games and even just at home.
During August and September we have so many sporting games it is hard to get homework done.  My oldest has practice on M, W and F.  My youngest on Tuesday and Thursday.  We are going to take our KidsGoCo: ZoomKit so they now have a flat writable surface to do their work.

And it is truly a life saver in the car!  There are so many different nook and crannies I have space to store all their stuff.  Not to mention the fact that I can easily snap in both an art or snack insert.  

The snack insert even has a spork that is impossible to drop!

The leg width of the ZoomKit is perfect to straddle little ones when they are in a car seat.  And they are sturdy, they easily stand by themselves without needing something to support them.

I tried it the old way with my kiddos stuff taking up all spare space in the car.  Now I'm going to try it the ZoomKIT way with everything organized and easy to find.

Car rides shouldn't be so stressful ZoomKit helps take away a bit of the stress.  If you miss quite, peaceful car rides please take a moment to check out ZoomKit