How to Plan the perfect Movie Night

Disclaimer:  Products mentioned in this post were provided for review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this post.  All opinions are my own.

How to plan the perfect movie night

There are  3 easy steps to planning a movie night.
Step One: The movie, everyone knows that movie night depends a lot on the movie.  We tend to do themes in the Miller household.  Several weeks ago we had a Terminator Marathon, some times we do 80’s throw back movies.  Jurassic Park week was pretty awesome.  Picking a theme means we have to put thought into it, movie night is normally planned several days before the actually movie night.  For movie night ideas check out my 40 must see Movies before you turn 18 post 

Step 2: Atmosphere. 
Now anyone can just blop down onto a couch and put in a movie.  We do a few different things here a few of my kiddos favorites are:
1) Setting Up a snack bar 
2) Putting blankets on the floor and pretend we are at the drive in 
3) Making a "blanket" tent and watching a movie on our portable.  They pretend we are camping
4) Costumes can be particular fun during a super hero movie
These are just a few ideas there is so many fun things you can do.  We even took our portable on the trampoline before and had an outdoor movie night!  Accompanied by smores :)

Step 3: Snacks, Snacks and more Snacks
Okay so besides the actually movie we all know the snacks severed can make or break movie night.  Everyone has there favorite;
chocolate, nachos and of course popcorn.  Lets admit it popcorn is the trademark movie snack.
Recently I discovered Dell Cove Spice Co. They specialize in all things popcorn.
Now I have to brag right away about their packaging!  I've never how popcorn look so gourmet before.

First off I can't get over how cute their containers are!  Each popcorn comes in a round tin with a clear top.  Since Quinn can't read he thought this was awesome that he could look at the popcorn and pick which kind he wanted, but color.
I also loved that there was so many kernel choices.  Yeah pretty mind blowing right?  There is more than one type of popping corn kernel?  I kind of feel a little cheated that all my life I thought there was only one kind.
Next is the spices, now my family is already a huge fan of sprinkling flavors onto our popcorn.  We are use to the normal "Cheddar", "White Cheddar", "Butter" Ect....

 Well Dell Cove Spice Co offers unique flavors!
Amish Caramel

Butt-Kickin' BBQ
Chocolate Dipped Candy Cane 
County Fair Dill Pickle
Daria's Chocolate Dipped Strawberry
Dark Chocolate
Hot Wings
Iced Gingerbread 
Kettle Corn Classic
Key Lime Pie 
Key Lime Pie - VEGAN BLEND
Pumpkin Pie
Rich Chocolate Caramel
Salt & Vinegar
Spicy Cajun
Strawberry Vanilla Shake
Sweet BBQ
Sweet Ginger
Sweet Onion
Vietnamese Cinnamon & Spiced Sugar
White Cheddar
White Cheddar Jalapeno
Popcorn Seasonings with Candies:
Kettle Corn with Tiny Sugar Hearts
Strawberry Vanilla Shake with Tiny Sugar Hearts

Yup people you read them flavors right!  Pretty unique, right?
I personally was able to review a gift set that includes 4 different types of popcorn kernels and 4 different seasonings.  Each came in their own tin.

Also I got instructions on how to make them myself on the oven.  I normally place a bag in the microwave, never again!  I cannot believe that huge taste difference.
Also I'm pretty sure I'm about to become a season snob, Dell  CoveSpice Co's flavors were distinct and full of flavor.  I dont know how I will ever go back to my old brand.  I have a feeling they are now going to be bland!

Movie night in my house is a full on event.  Dell Cove Spice CO only makes it more special!  To learn more please see my link below:

They also offer more products then the popcorn and the popcorn seasonings.  Even though I tried the popcorn, I have a feeling everything else in their shop will follow the same high standers I have come to associate them with.  A lot of time went into the flavor and design of my popcorn set.