Making the Mornings easier

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

iCoffee Opus

Has anyone ever heard of Medusa?  You know grumpy snake hair lady who making direct eye contact with will turn you to stone?  You avoid her at all cost, because how dangerous she is?
Yeah well that is my hubby before 7am.  School days are the worst.  When my alarm clock goes off I sit up stretch, smile and say good morning to whomever is closest to me.  My hubby on the other hand attacks the alarm clock with a wrath like no other, screaming at it for yet again ruining his life and proceeds to throw it to the floor....  At this point in time I kiss his cheek jump from bed.
I throw open the curtains and let the beautiful soft morning light in.  My hubby hisses from bed and tries to burrow into his pillow.  I now prance off to take my shower.  In my shower I can hear more yelling, bumping and what can only be described as a battle with his dresser.  The dresser wins... Every. Single. Time.
Shower down I now breeze out to the kitchen to start coffee.  I hear death threats being made to the shower and its unholy relentlessness to spray him with cold water.  Which is usually followed by a short scream because he has gotten soap into his eyes, again. 
Red eyed and in a rage my hubby comes to make breakfast.  Dropping at least one egg, burning the tip of his finger on the pan, making black unrecognizable toast and finally jamming his toe as he sets the table.
We are ready to eat.
  I awake the kids with huge smiles and send them out to eat too.  As a family we finish breakfast, we talk and all get excited about the day ahead.  My hubby growls and grunts and gives us all death stares for being happy so early.
 I polish my plate rinse it in the sink and go start my personal hygiene.  My hubby comes in with me drops his toothbrush, smashes his head when he goes to pick it up and then grumbles the whole time about why we keep buying horrible toothpaste.
Burns his fingers on the hot water when he goes to rinse said toothbrush and battle screams "Now the world shall bleed."
At this time the coffee has been done and he makes his way out to get his morning to go cup ready.  After a few sips a huge smiles crosses his face he looks around at us as if just seeing us for the first time this morning and gives us all a big hello and good morning kiss.

Alright time to tell the truth the Medusa demon slugging about the house is me....  Anything before 7am is like a personal torture.  I don't want coffee in the morning....  I NEED IT!
The easier and quicker to make the better.
Which is why I love my iCoffe Opus.

The Opus eliminates bitterness and locks-in the rich flavors of your coffee it is compatible with all K-cups.  You make the coffee the way you want with the adjustable brew strength. 
It includes not only the iCoffee Opus, but also a bonus iCup reusable cup for brewing your own coffee grounds and a 6 count variety coffee pod starter pack.
What makes the Opus a must have kitchen essentail?  Well the spinbrew technology steams, spins and stirs inside the K style cup to virtually eliminate acidic and bitter aftertaste.  Also it eliminates clogs.  Oh and since it has a removable drip tray you can make larger sized cups.
 Brews up to a 12 oz. size mug of coffee.  And features a 75 oz. removable water reservoir. 
Dial a brew feature lets you select a size from 4 to 12 oz.
It also has a auto shut off control and energy saver mode. 
And it is super easy to clean.
Now remember folks, grumpy me isn't 100% there in the morning I need something easy.  And to be honest I don't know how much easier the iCoffee Opus could be.  
Here is how it works I simply fill the water reserve.
There is even a max fill line!  So not even zombie morning me could mess it up.
So water filled I wait for it to heat up, I know it is heated when the LCD screen flashes ready.  Again super easy no guess work.

Next step press the open button
Upper Jaw Open
Time to pick a K-Cup.  I can use an already flavored one or I can use the empty one and place my own grounds inside.

Close jaw, place mug on drip tray, select my cup size and hit brew

Wait until the LED light (blinks above cup) is extinguished and my coffee is ready to go!

Yeah it is really and truly the easy.  Not a coffee drinker?  No big deal you can make hot chocolate, tea and so much more!  Heck you can even just make a glass of hot water if you need it for soup, cooking or whatever else.
I have not tried them all yet, but the few coffees and even the hot chocolate I tried were amazing!  Smooth and had a crisp taste!

I don't fully understand spinbrew technology, but I do now know I'm a pretty big fan of it!
The iCoffee Opus is just one of many genius items offered by iCoffee!  To learn more and see all they have to offer please see my link below

Mornings are tough people, let iCoffee help make it a bit easier!