Peanuts Fever #‎lovehallmark‬

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Peanuts Fever

Since the day he was born my youngest son's nickname has been Charlie Brown.  Sometimes we change it up and call him Charles, or Mr.Brown.  It was a nickname given to him by my dad and it always just stuck.  
Now don't think Quinn hated this nickname to be honest he loves it!  He embraced it and became a huge Peanuts fan!  During the holidays when they show the Peanuts specials on TV is his favorite time of year.  
As with most kids liking something wasn't enough.  Peanuts had to take over a small section of my home

Yup that is my little man on his Peanuts bed cover, holding his Snoopy doll and of course one of his 30 Peanuts themed books. 

 What more could a little peanuts fan need?
Cubeez of course!

WHAT, you never heard of Cubeez??
They are this super cute stack-able/fill-able metal cubes being sold currently by Hallmark.
They are 3X3X3 the perfect size to hide/hold small treasures.  Peanuts is only one of the themes being offered, they also have Star Wars, Disney and Muppets.
Each features a adorable character.

Now I was trying to find cute things to place inside my little mans Cubeez, little did I know he already had plans of his own.

So directly from my 4 year old here are the things he is putting inside his Cubeez:

DS games was his first choice.  Perfect to make sure they don't get lost.  We haven't tried it yet, but I'm pretty sure his entire collection could fit into one

The prized softball (Fluff inside) his dad caught for him at a baseball game.  This is Quinn's most prized possession.  So he told me to SHHHH not to tell anyone where it is.

Money!  Well if we are going to hide something I guess it should be the contents of our piggy bank!  I don't know about you, but I think a Woodstock piggy bank beats the old one any-day! 

And last, but not least... cards!  My boys like to collect these, but they do tend to get lost and bent.  His little Cubeez is the perfect place to store them.

Four Cubeez, four small treasure.  These are only 4 of the many things he wanted to place inside.  I want to buy another one for crayons and craft stuff.  That way I can place it in my purse and easily pull it out at restaurants.  The possibilities are endless in what you can do.

Oh you think the fun is done?  Not yet, not only are these charming little cubes great for storage they are also fun to play with!
That is the coolest block tower I have ever seen!  So Cubeez gets another plus for also being a cool decorating touch.

Fill them
Stack them
Decorate with them
One small cube that offers so many functions. 

And with the holidays only a few months away I can't help, but point out how pretty these would be as a small gift box.

Okay Quinn is demanding I re-show his favorite one last time, so without further ado...
Snoopy!!   Lets admit is he is everyone's favorite :)

Love my Cubeez as much as we do check them out at a Hallmark store near you.  Or online at: