Simplify-It for Back-to-School Party

Disclaimer:  As a member of tryazon I was provide a party kit to host a house party.  I was not paid in anyway to write this post

 Simplify-It for Back-to-School Party

School, School and school!  We are so ready for school in the Miller household, clothing shopping has been done for over a month now.  Book-bags have been filled, grocery store packing list is done, back on a school year sleep routine, I even have the whole first week of outfits ironed.
Now it is time for our yearly back to school/farewell summer party.
We do this every year.  Why?  One it helps my kids have one last burst of summer fun.   It also helps get them excited for the upcoming school year.  We always get my sons new teacher in the Thursday paper, but we wait to announce it at our party.  The party is mostly for family and a few close friends.  
This year the party was made even more special thanks to our Simplify It For Back-to-School party kit!  Which included
flip-it! and collapse-it!  Both of which have become essential items in my home.

For two reasons
One helps me save money and the other helps me save space....  And both help me save time!!

Lets first talk about flip-it! I love this product, because it helps me save so much time and money.  
Basically you screw it onto the bottom of a bottle (Shampoo, body-wash, lotion, face-cleaner, chocolate syrup.  Any kind of bottle.)  You them flip it, wondering how this save me money?  Every month I throw away products that look empty.  Yes I know that I can bang them around and get that little bit stuck on this sides and bottom out, but I'm a busy mom.  We tried just standing the bottles upside down, but again it didn't work.  The slightest bump and they tip over.
Flip it! solves all of this with their pod technology. 

To use Flip-It!, simply replace the cap or pump with the Flip-It! base either alone or in with a colored adapter and stands the bottle upside down.  3 prongs hold it in an upright position.
Gravity does the rest by getting product out.
The lids close just like a regular cap, so there wont even be a mess underneath.
 And the best part?  You can reuse them over and over again!  No need to throw away and buy new ones.  These babies last forever.  Oh and they are Food grade and BPA free.
To learn more please click my link below:

Next we were able to try Collapse It!

Collapse-It products are perfect for meals on the go, as these adaptable containers collapse to nearly half size when empty. 
In this first photo they are almost as tall as two k-cups.  

In this 2nd photo you can see when collapse they are not even as tall as one!

I don't know about you, but space in the lunch box is always an issues.  With my special mom powers I always make them fit, but after lunch my little man has a hard time getting them back in.  With Collapse It! he will no longer have this issue.  He can simply collapse them and make them fit.
Clear silicone allows easy everyone to easily see what is inside.  I don't have to worry about Brandon grabbing Quinn's container or vise-versa anymore. 
The tab on the lid creates a vacuum seal when closed, keeping everything right where it’s supposed to be. 

Containers are available in 1-cup, 2-cup, 4-cup, 6-cup or 7-cup capacity. T
heir unique design means every size collapses to a mere 1.25" for portability and slim storage.  Umm yeah my cabinets that are busting at the seams are doing a happy dance right now. 

Oh and it gets better!
Collapse-It products can go straight from freezer into the oven without damage. 
 Collapse-It products will vent for microwave or oven heating and is BPA free, FDA and LFGB approved, lead free, toxin free. 
The leak-proof seal on the lid and the patented “collapsible storage feature” are great for transporting foods on the go.
 Collapse-It is made of stain and odor resistant medical grade silicone giving it a “Glass-like Clarity”. 
Collapse-It will not break or crack like conventional plastic or glass food storage containers. 
 Collapse-It is Freezer and Dishwasher safe. 
Collapse-It reduces to almost half the size and lids are color coordinated with bowls to provide easy match up. 

These are going to be so much fun using in my kiddos lunch boxes!  I even got a pretty big one that is going to be nice for my hubby's lunch.
We had a great party the kids had ice-cream, cotton candy, cake, played outside and even got to see some fireworks.

 The parents got to listen to me brag about these must have items.  And all of them seem pretty excited about both!  We even packed up some of the food afters so I could show the parents just how much Collapse It! could hold.

Want to save yourself time, money and space?  Check out both Flip It! and Collapse It!

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