Who is getting ready for Halloween? Ghostbusters Costume

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Who is getting ready for Halloween? 

Who is ready for fall?  I had enough of this over the top heat, I want to wear my fuzzy boots, jeans and hoodies.  I'm so ready for some Olive Garden pumpkin cheesecake too!
My kiddos on the other hand are pretty pumped for Halloween.  I mean come on!  Dressing up, decorating, getting free candy and fun costume parties?  Even I get excited for Halloween.

My boys (Like me) are planners.  We like to plan, we like to be ready and we will always be the first to have something done.
Why wait last minute, when you can do it right now?
With that being said it is no surprise they knew since July what they wanted to be this Halloween.  Quinn is going as Iron Man.  He is really into the super hero scene so this costume is perfect for him.
Brandon Jr is a little harder, he likes vintage movies.  Him and I are always watching movies from the 80's and 90's.  One of our favorites is Ghostbusters!!

Ghostbusters unlike Iron Man is a bit trickery to find.  He wanted to be a Ghostbuster last year, but sadly we could not find them anywhere!  It is kinda tough finding 80’s Movie Costumes Don't worry though this mama didn't give up and has since searched and searched and searched....  And guess what I found him a super cool/fun Ghostbuster Costume at Costume Discounters. 
The costume came with a Ghostbuster jumpsuit and an inflatable proton pack and Neutrino Wand!

Okay so the jumpsuit is pretty basic.  It is thinner so I can see us having to wear something underneath.
The Ghostbuster logo is on the front and sleeve so there is no mistaking this is a Ghostbuster!
  The Proton pack and Neutrino Wand blew up easily.
My only complaint is the Neutrino Wand attaches to the Proton Pack with Velcro(On a strip).  As we were removing it to put it away for Halloween the Velcro tore right off the strip.  
It wasn't a big deal I just got out my hot glue gun and glued the little round Velcro right back on.  Just a heads up to others.  The Velcro on the actually pack is on there really good it was just the Wand's Velcro that came off easily.  

Okay now onto the things I really loved about the Costume:

The straps adjusts to put the pack exactly where you need it.

The suit is true to size and fit my son perfectly.

The price is great as is all the other items on Costume Discounters.
You can check them out on their site of check out Costume Discounters on Facebook

And finally cuteness I mean come on look at my little guy!!  Isn't he just the sweetest Ghostbuster you ever seen?

We are so ready for Halloween 2015.  Are you?