Canvas Champ : The gift of Memories

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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My boys are growing up so fast, I choke up a bit when I realize next year I will be putting my Quinn on a bus to go to all day school!
My baby is going to be leaving me for 8+ hours a day!! 
Brandon is in 2nd grade and looking at his baby photos always makes me sad.  In a good way though, I think all parents worry about time and that their kiddos are growing up to fast.
I take photos nonstop though.  I remember each and ever moment of their little lives via photos.
Most of them are kept in shoe boxes, but sometimes I get a photo so special I want to highlight it.  I want people to walk into my house and be wowed by it.
So was the case with my boys school photos this year.  Quinn is going to his 2nd year of preschool and Brandon started 2nd grade.  Their photos were so cute, and you could see both of their personalities in them.
Brandon my outgoing huge personality sweet heart
Quinn my quirky little buddy
Their first day of school photos showed this and as a mom I wanted everyone to see it.

So I contacted Canvas Champ.  I have worked with them before and was wowed by the quality of their work. 
I love their site because you can customize your photo to meet your needs.  You can do a wrap around Canvas, a Canvas with a color border in your choose of color and even mirror imaging.
Plus they offer a huge selection in sizing.  I was given the 16X20 since I wanted both boys on this was the perfect size for my project.  Speaking of perfect, Canvas Champ offers their Canvas prints at an affordable price.
You can choose which type of hanging you have on the back, color finishing and even if you want retouching.

Okay I can tell you all the things you get and how great they are or I can just show you. 

TADA My canvas came out perfect, the colors are vibrate!  The canvas really makes the photo pop and gives an already sweet photo even more character.
I have no had many visitors since receiving the Canvas, but every single person who came into my living commented on how lovely it was.

Their are so many gifts to be given this holiday season, but putting a special photo on Canvas is like giving someone the gift of a memory.  One they can hang on their wall and smile about every day.