Duncan Hines Perfect Size cakes

I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Duncan Hines Perfect Size cakes

Summer is horrible!  I hate the heat and look forward to Fall and Winter for those super hot months.  
One of the worst things about Summer is I don't bake as much!  With it being so hot the last thing I want to do is turn my oven on.  So we suffer the summer with the bare minimum of bake goods :(.  My nanny was a baker, so trust me when I say it stinks going that long without them. (She has me spoiled)

It is finally starting to cool down and I am ready to get my baking on.  My mom recently discovered Duncan Hines Perfect Size Cakes.  She kept telling me how good they were and that the would be a great size for my family.  Since it is just the 4 of us a lot of times cake goes to waste at my house.
Knowing my mom and her sweet tooth I took her word and purchased the Chocolate Lovers Cake.
And oh my was it good!  No word of a lie that night someone from Duncan Hines emailed me about reviewing the very cake I just finished making!!
I'm sure you know I could say yes fast enough.
Plus it is back to school time and a small treat is the best way to reward good grades!

And the chocolate lovers cake wasn't alone in tasting good, each flavor was amazing.  
Duncan Hines has the “Perfect Size” cake to fit any occasion and your hectic schedule. 
These great-tasting cakes, with a serving size of two to four, are perfect for a few people when a full-size cake is too much (too many pans to clean, too much cake left over). 
Duncan Hines has created Perfect Size cakes in five deliciously indulgent favors: 
 Chocolate Lover’s – chocolate cake with chocolate frosting 
 Red Velvet Dream – red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting  Lemon Bliss – lemon cake with lemon frosting 
Strawberries and Cream – strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting
Golden Fudge - Golden Cake with a chocolate Fudge frosting

Each comes with its on 6 inch throw away cake pan.  The only thing you need at home is some butter, water and eggs.  Duncan Hines takes care of the rest.
Well okay you need a bowl to mix too!

So yes they are easy to use and the perfect size.... 
I guess now you want to know, how do they taste?
Moist and bursting with flavor.  I'm sure anyone whom ever ate a Duncan Hines product knows their flavors are always spectacular.  The Perfect Size cakes lives up to the reputation, by providing that same great taste in a smaller package.  The five flavors they offer I think are perfect and the cake/frosting combination are fabulous together. 
When making the frosting I would say use a mixer to really blend the butter and frosting together.  I think it makes it a lot creamer :). 

I don't about you, but these perfect size cake seems like the perfect reward for any sort of celebration.
Plus you can throw away the pan when you are done!  Less mess means more time with my kiddos

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