Getting Silly with Silly String

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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Getting Silly with Silly String 

Remember as a kid when it was cool to hide behind the bathroom door and wait for your little brother to walk back the hall so you could pop out to spray him with Silly String.
Well at age 28 it is still pretty cool!  My brother is well over 6 foot now, so I have to make a mad dash afterwards.  At this point he could easily get the can from me!
Silly String is just one of those things that never gets old.  I loved it as a kid, 20+ years later my kiddos love it too.
I mean really what could be better than sneaking up on someone and blasting them with a can of Silly String.

And the best thing ever just got better with the Silly String Blasters and glow in the dark Silly String.
The all new SILLY STRING Blaster Pack combines the new SILLY STRING Blaster with 2 cans of 3 oz SILLY STRING Spray Streamer for twice the fun. 

Wonder how it works?
The Blaster easily clips onto all cans of SILLY STRING Spray Streamer to make SILLY STRING play even more fun.
Slip them on and pull the plastic lever. 
It is perfect for better aim :)!
 You can use both regular Silly String and the Glow in the dark Silly String.

Okay I adore the Glow in the dark Silly String once it is exposed to light it will glow.
This was so much fun.  We used it last weekend during a camp fire/cook out in the yard.  The kids had a blast and we all giggled at the end of the night when my brother looked like some sort of spaghetti monster.
I don't know what it is about him, he is just so much to squirt with Silly String!

The regular Silly String comes in several colors and as always gives a good squirting range.  

It is easy to clean up and I am yet to get a stain on my clothing from it.

All of their products are made right here in the USA.  They are non toxic and non flammable. 
These make the perfect stocking stuffers for both kiddos and kids at heart.

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