Give her the Gift of Beauty

 I was given products in this post for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.
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I was married October 4th 2008.  The one thing I really wanted to wear on my wedding day was a string of pearls.  It didn't happen, not because my hubby didn't love me.  We just didn't have the money at the time.  We were eating soup and sandwiches every other night for dinner at this point!  And we saved our change (coins) for an entire month so we could have "Pizza" night the last Saturday of each month.  It never mattered though we were happy and couponing became a fun hobby for me.
  Instead on my wedding day I wore a necklace my dad got for me.
I never lost that longing though for a Pearl necklace.  Ever since I was little and would see fancy tea parties with all the pretty ladies wearing pearls I swore one day I would own my own.
To little girl me they were the most beautiful thing in the world.  I thought only princesses wore them (Yes I was a wistful child)
It took me quite a few years, but I am so happy to say I finally own my first set of pearls.
And they are everything I thought they would be.   They are both elegant and classy.  I swear I could wear a pair of sweats and my pearls would suddenly give them a classy feel.

I want to get more into detail about what I love.  Please note this really and truly is the first set I have owned.  So if I missing something pearl owners look for please let me know in the comments and I will do my best to answer.

First off I reviewed a necklace.  Pearl and Clasp offers bracelets and earrings too.  They also offer the service of re-clamping broken pearl jewelry.  They make it super easy and affordable.

 I was able to review a white set, other colors are available.  
Mine were 7mm this is only one of many sizes. 
I reviewed a single strand, they have doubles and other settings too.
So you can go to their site and pick whatever best suits your needs.

Being my first pair I had no clue how much they would weigh.  I was really surprised how light weight they were.  They had enough weight, without being to much.  I could tell by the weight they had, that the pearls were great quality. 
 They feel really comfortable on my neck and sit perfectly at my collarbone. 

I love the perfect roundness of each pearl.  They feel super smooth and silky and they are set very prettily on the stands.  I noticed they were evenly spaced through out the entire necklace.

The clasp was also a nice feature, it was made a bit differently then what I am use to.  But it was easier then what I am use too.  I didn't have to use my thump to hold it down.  I simply use a hook type clasp.

The quality is exquisite.  And yes this is my first pair, but you have to realize it never stopped me from window shopping.  I have most likely looked at thousands of pearls in the lat 7 years.
I would put these at the very top of the list.

And I know some of you are thinking that they cost a fortune.  THEY DON'T!  The ladies at Pearl and Clasp make pearls affordable for any budget.  I wish I would have found them several years ago when I was getting married.

No matter what you are wearing Pearls will always make it look more classy.  I tried it on with several outfits and each time they looked great!

Dont mind my silly faces my sister was taking the photos and kept making me laugh

The next part of my review isn't really about the necklace.  I feel though I have to mention when working on this review I talked to Sari, one of the owners.  She was so nice!  She took the time to talk to me about what I wanted and I could tell she was very passionate about what she does.
You always know you are getting great service and products when the owner is passionate about what they do.

And her passion really shows in the product.  
The pearl jewelry offered at Pearl and Clasp is elegant, classy and affordable.
Whether you are getting married, having a date night or even just want to look your best you can't go wrong with Pearl and Clasp.

To learn more and see all the amazing items they offer please see my link below: