Holiday Gift Guide Little Tikes

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.
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Little Tikes

Every year you are sure to find several Little Tikes items under my tree!  Why you may ask?
Well Little Tikes Toys are built to last, I have even handed down some of my very own Little Tikes toys to my boys!  We are talking toys that are over 20 years old.
And they promote imaginative play.  My boys play together all the time and they can be anything from a pro-football player, an alien and even a chef.
Little Tikes helps take play time to the next level with age appropriate toys.

I was able to review two of their newest toys.  One was for my boys and the other for my younger nephew.  Little Tikes has something for all age groups.

First up lets talk about the toys I reviewed with my nephew.  It was from the all new Little Ocean Explorers line!
Lil' Oceans Explorers Catch Me Crabbie
As you can see the bright colors and cute face is sure to grab little ones attention right away!  Add to that the easy push button that makes him dance (Move from side to side, clapping his claws) and play music, babies everywhere are sure to be smiling!
Not only does he have a push button, but he is also motion sensor-ed so he can tell when a little one is near and it is time to put on a show :)
He is made of nice sturdy plastic and no parts look as if they are going to come off.  So if you have a little one like my nephew you don't need to worry about them biting a part off.
The Crabbie is easy to clean.
Perfect for little crawlers and new walkers to chase around.
Perfect for small children.  Recommend ages 6 months - 36 months

Now lets move onto the items I reviewed with my little guys!
RC Tire Twister
My boys are their cars!  My dad and brother are always working on some car.  I swear some days I think they break them on purpose just so they can work on them.  Because of this my boys LOVE cars!  They like to work on them, we have a huge toy car collection, they even go to car shows with my dad.
So I knew the RC Tire Twister was perfect for them.  To be honest I can see most little boys loving this toy and here is why.
The Little Tikes RC Tire Twister is the wildest tire ever – all powered by a remote controlled car inside! The easy-to-steer remote control gives kids the power to control the car forward and backward. The car can perform back flips inside the tire to change directions and can even spin the tire 360 degrees! Remove the car for some R/C floor action. The RC Tire Twister is two toys in one!

My boys play with this toy both inside and outside.  I love that it really is two toys in one.  They prefer to use it in the tire, I think because it is the first toy like this that they ever owned.  We had RC cars before, but never one that could drive around in a tire!
My poor pups though have been chased through the house nonstop lol
Quinn is 4 and not that great with coordination, but even he could easily drive the little car around.  So A+ for easy coordination.
He does still run into things though and so far we have no breaks or dents...  SOOOO A++ For durability
My boys are 4 and 7 and they both love it.  I see this toys being fun for a wide age range.
These are only 2 of many items offered by Little Tikes.  Their toys are fun and help kiddos us their imagination.