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I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.
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My closet is stock full of clothing.  I have an outfit for almost any occasion.  I thought for sure there is nothing else in this world I could need..
Then I discovered HolyClothing.  They Clothing is handmade and combines modern and old world fashion to make something truly unique.
Their clothing is exclusive and I am sure you wont see anything like it in a store.
From the nosing around I did on their site I can say they offer a little bit of everything.  Dresses, Tops, skirts and pants.
They also offer several colors and sizes to really fit your clothing needs.
I personally was able to review the:

I choose to review the garment in Ruby Red.  This is only one of several colors offered.
I loved the fit!  It is true to size, there was no awkward pulling or tightness.
This is a dress, but as you can see I am wearing leggings and boots.  It was chilly that night, so I loved that it was so versatile that I could change the outfit up a bit.
Speaking of changing it up my sister and I love clothing.  As we were taking photos she began to get hyper and told me "GO GET THE BELT, GO GET THE BELT"
No we are not crazy... Well okay maybe a little, but several years ago we each got a belt.  The same one and it went with NOTHING.  This belt looked awkward on everything we wore and we were both pretty bummed.
I mean really we loved this thing in store and couldn't find a single outfit to wear it with...
Well that was before I am excited to tell you a belt a never wore before now has a new outfit!

Pretty cute right?!?!  The Viola Velvet Lace Embroidered Gypsy Hippy BabyDoll Mini Dress has so many different looks it can be worn with.  Boots and leggins make it casual.  Flats and a cute necklace makes it dressy.  Add a belt for some stylish flare.
It is a garment that is versatile it is like having several outfits all in one.
The long sleeves make and knee length make it perfect for fall.  The material is thin enough though that it could be worn early summer too.

Some of the featured I loved was the velvet, lace and rayon.  The combination of all three material was really appeasing the the eye and gave the dress character and charm.
There is a tie back to really help show case your natural curves.  

The material was perfect.  It wasn't stiff and was really comfy to wear.  
I don't want the word Handmade to scare anyone off.  This dress was top quality and I can tell whomever put it together paid attention to detail.  All the stitching and lengths were perfect.  The hems and lace were beautifully done.  And the color of the dress was exquisite. 
Speaking of colors the Viola Velvet Lace Embroidered Dress is offered in so many colors!  Below is an example of two others

So if you are wondering about price be prepared to be amazed.  The dress I reviewed is only $39.99!
For the quality of clothing you are getting this is an amazing price.  I check out their other items and everything is affordable!

What more could a person ask for a cute, durable clothing at a great price?!
Plus as I mentioned you wont find this in any store besides HolyClothing, so it is pretty exclusive too.

If you are looking for something to get to get that special lady in your life you need to check out HolyClothing:
Either online: HolyClothing