Instrumental Beauty Sonic Facial Brush

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We all have days when our skin feels like BLAH!  For me those days normally come when I spent to much time in the sun or used way to much makeup.  My pores feel clogged and my face seems almost dirty.
Sometimes a simple wash doesn't get the job done and I need to really get down into my pores and get the dirt out.  That is why I love my all new Instrumental Beauty Sonic Facial Brush.

It uses a sonic vibration method that gives a gentle cleansing that really gets deep into pores and exfoliates.
The brush removes makeup, dirt and oil that normally gets left behind.
The soft bristles even help to remove dead skin cells!

For anyone saying I don't have time to change up my routine I want to let you know it is only twice a day for 3 minutes!   
Some days it takes me longer to brush my teeth!

The brush has 3 speeds, a convenient storage stand and it can be charged.  No batteries needed.
It can be found in select drug stores.

I have been using mine for a few days and already my skin feels more refreshed and alive than ever.
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