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I was able to receive a free facial in order to write this post.  I was not paid in anyway to write this post.  All opinions are my own.

Massage Envy Spa

I have two little boys.  Two little boys that are very busy and active.  I love my children, but some days I feel as if I am going crazy!  The constant bickering, and the never ending "THAT IS MINE, TELL HIM TO GIVE IT BACK."  The fact school only started a few weeks ago and we all been sick twice now, add onto that the strange creatures they bring into the house and the questionable goop they always seem to have on their hands, I get stressed out.
This year though I am also maid of honor in my sister's wedding.  So on top of chasing after two little boys, I am helping her plan her wedding.  Oh and how can we forget my never ending sleep insomnia.... 

Consider this mama strung out.  
That is okay though, because I have a secret that I want to share with you...
Massage Envy Spa!!
Last year I went in for a complimentary massage, since then I have  been back several times.
I kid you not, every holiday (V-Day, Birthday, Anniversary, ect) since then I have asked my hubby to take me for a massage.
Each time I come out feeling great and afterwards I have gotten some of the best nights sleep in my life.
For awhile now I wanted to venture in for a facial, the thing is I take horrible care of my skin.
Once and awhile I make an effort to take care of it, but most the time I use soap and water :(
So I was kind of afraid to go in, I thought for sure they were going to get a close look at my face and be like "Dear God what is this woman doing to her skin?"
I was so VERY wrong!
My appointment was with Kristi (I hope I spelled her name right) at Massage Envy Spa Wyomissing PA.
She was incredible.  I will tell you more about her in a bit, first I want to start at the beginning.
I arrived several minutes early to fill out paper work.  This was my first facial and they wanted to customize my appointment.  I filled out a simple form about my skin issues.  The ladies at the front desk as always gave me a warm welcome.
From there I was taken into a relaxation room where I was offered water/tea and a place to unwind.  I love this room the lights are dimmed, music is playing and the atmosphere truly is relaxing.
Kristi then came in to get me and right off the bat I liked her.  She was super friendly.  We went back into the room and she talked a bit more to me about the facial.  She explain what we were going to do.  She also talked to me a bit about my skin and what I was doing to take care of it.  Before anything started I felt confident I was in good hands.  She really took the time to understand my skin and the issues I was having with it.
At this point she left the room so I could get on the table.
She came back and we got started right away.  The entire appointment I felt at ease.  She explained each step to me and what that particulate product was doing.
I have no clue how to take care of my facial skin, so I loved getting all this information.  I walked out of my appointment knowing how to take care of my skin on a daily basis.   
I remember most of the steps (Please note I was so relaxed at several points I almost dozed off, so I am sorry if I miss something)
We started off by looking at my skin through a microscope and light.
This was able to give her an idea on my skin type and where we should focus.  I have high pigmentation (My freckles and some dehydrated skin.)
This let us know the type of facial I should get.  It was the perfect treatment for me :)
From here she removed any make up or debris I had on my face.  
Next we used a cucumber mixture, I forget what was all in this.  I do know it made my skin feel smooth and instantly fresh. (It smelled pretty good too)
After this we did a chemical exfoliate.  At hearing the word chemical I was on instant alert.  I thought it would burn, it did NOT!  There was a tingling feeling.  Kristi told me that most exfoliate only gets surface skin, the chemical exfoliate gets into the skin and really gives pores a deep clean.
We left this on for a bit, as I waited I received an arm and hand massage.
Next was the facial mask, it was a nice follow up the exfoliation.  A warm towel was place on my face.  I could feel the warmth opening up my pores and really letting the mask do its job.
Next was a moistening and a facial type massage, I keep saying facial I want to mention my neck was also included in all of this.
Finally I had a nice cream placed on my eyes. (My favorite part I have puffy eyes from lack of sleep.)
Please note I know I missed a step or two, again I was so relaxed I am surprise I didn't fall asleep.
I and going to copy and paste right from their site what they do.  That way you can get a better idea what to expect

Each of Massage Envy Spa's Healthy Skin facials includes cleansing, toning, mask, treatment, extractions and massage. Massage Envy Spa exclusively uses professional Murad skincare products in all our facials.

If you live in PA I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you go see Kristi she was so nice, professional and really paid attention to my skin care needs.  She talked me through everything, gave me a better idea how to really take care of my skin and at the end she even recommenced several things I could do differently.
I got to talk to her a bit and found out she has been doing this for a long time.  She even taught about skin care for a bit, so when I say professional I mean it.  She really knows what she is doing.
I walked in unsure if I would like getting facials and after how sweet she was I walked out super excited about a future facial!
I have a feeling I will be asking for a massage and facial from my hubby next time.

I am writing this post several hours after my appointment my skin feels fresh and clean.  It is a bit sensitive, but that is normal right after a facial.  I keep touching my face unable to get over just how soft it feels.

So far Massage Envy Spa in Wyomissing has impressed me every single time with their friendly service, welcoming staff and amazing procedures.
I always walk out feeling better and relaxed.  My sister is getting married on the 10th of October and I feel so much more confident standing in front of the church with her knowing my skin will be glowing :)