NFL Volume 1 Joe Journey Man

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Do you remember as a kid those books we use to have where you had to find a certain thing on each page?  I adored those books!!  
I wanted to get my oldest something similar.  Even though I think he would like the character I use to look for, I wanted to get him something more current.  Which is when I found the NFL Volume 1 Joe Journey Man.

My boys can be found every Sunday on the couch watching football with my hubby and I.
Normally the little stinkers are cheering for my hubby's team the "Cowboys"  and booing my team "The Colts".  Shhhh the are young enough that they just don't realize my team is better.  This year in our fantasy draft Luck was pick number 1!  I tried telling my boys that, and their reply was the Cowboys are a cooler color blue :(

My kids do love football though and The Joe Journey Man book has plenty of that.

Find Joe Journeyman - the only player to play for all 32 NFL teams - and each of his friends in this fantastically awesome search adventure. 
Follow Joe and his friends through 16 NFL cities in this Volume 1 Book. 
Joe and his friends must hurry to find his playbook before his nemesis - Copy Cat Carl - can get his mischievous paws on Joe's secret plays and put an end to their amazing journey. 
In each city, you will search for: Joe Journeyman Joe's Friends (and nemesis) Joe's Playbook.
Plus 24 wild and wacky search items that will make you laugh out loud.

I loved the colors and awesome photos from each search page.  And I have to admit I did giggle at quite a few of the antics Joe and his friends were up too.  The search and find is easy enough that kids of all ages will enjoy.  There is over 500 search items so the books promises hours of fun.  

   Teams included in Volume 1:
 New England Patriots
 Baltimore Ravens
 Green Bay Packers
 Washington Redskins
 Detroit Lions
 Minnesota Vikings
 Houston Texans
 Cincinnati Bengals
 Chicago Bears
New York Jets
Indianapolis Colts (OH YEAH!!)
 Buffalo Bills
 Philadelphia Eagles
 Dallas Cowboys  (GRRRR)
 New York Giants
 Pittsburgh Steelers 

This book is a hardback with 40 pages 
And to really make this book awesome10% of all net profits support Joe's Kids and local children's hospitals throughout America