Silverlit: Nano Falcon XS

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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Silverlit: Nano Falcon XS

Boys and their toys!  For anyone whom ever said this about a little boy I can tell you the same can be said for a grown man.  I agreed to the review the Silverlit: Nano Falcon with my kiddos and as I am sitting in my house (right now) I can hear my 30 year old hubby complaining that it is his turn!  And that they each get it for 5 minutes that it is time to switch.
LOL I have to laugh at him some days he is too cute.
The boys did give him a turn and they were outside for hours flying around this little Nano Falcon.

Silverlit's Nano Falcon XS is the new world’s smallest RC model Helicopter as certified by Guinness World Records. The New World’s Smallest RC Helicopter is only 2.3”. Easy to fly for any skill level, with a 3 channel control. Includes storage/carrying case which converts to a landing pad.
When I say small I really mean it!  I can fit it into the palm of my hand easily.  
The smaller sizes makes it easy to maneuver and also to put away when my boys are done playing.

Don't let the size fool you though, this little Helicopter got some juice and really gets around!
There is three ways to move
I love that it has so many options instead of just going into one direction kids can really get around with the Falcon.
Speaking of flying I liked how much control the kids had.  There was no awkward tilting or dipping.  It seemed the Falcon XS was always in control and steady.

I can see the Silverlit: Nano Falcon XS being fun for all ages.  Both young and old!  Not to mention it is fun for the entire family to play with (Even if my hubby does whine about his turn)
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