Skylanders SuperChargers review

Activision provided a copy of the game.  I was not paid to write this post, all opinions are my own.
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Skylanders SuperChargers review 

Skylanders took over my house a few years ago.  As a kid I was a Spyro fan.  I could play that game for hours and never get bored.  When I seen Skylanders and my beloved Spyro, I thought wow I bet the boys would love this.
And oh how right I was.  Surprising my hubby and I also like it too!  The game is fun, challenging and has a creative story line.  There is always some type of mission to complete and the fact each character has different moves, makes it forever changing.
We have Giants, Swap, Trap and now SuperChargers.

Today I am going to tell you a bit more about SuperChargers and why it is the perfect game to play with your family.
As with all the other Skylander games you are given a portal to bring your favorite player alive.  You simply pick a guy put them on and tada they are in the game.
I love how much detail goes into each character.  The little figures you get look exactly as they do in the game.  Skylanders go all out with the details.
This version goes even further with the addition of vehicles.
And let me just tell you my boys kept going on about how awesome the car was.  And when it came onto the screen I myself couldn't get over how cool it looked.  
Skylanders + cars??  Consider my boys in love.
Now not only do our players have awesome moves, but they get to drive around in dashing vehicles.
There are three types air, water and land.
In the starter pack you are provided a land vehicle, I suggest getting a air and water right away to really enhance play.
You don't need them though, it is still fun you will just be restricted from some areas.
Land though seems to be the biggest play area.  So even if you don't get the other two right away you can still do quite a bit of playing.
I love the raceways.  They are fun, hectic and have so many boost pads and collectibles.  You can take different tracks to try and get ahead.
The best part, character from previous games can still get in on the fun!  But you get a bonus if you match a SuperCharger in a car.
The vehicles all have their own abilities and upgrades.

I have two boys and to me the best part was the cooperative play.  When two player get into the same car and have to do different functions.  It was so cute watching them work together as a team to get the job done.

There is both online and offline playing modes.  
Here are some other fun features:

Single-player Adventure Mode 
 Online and local co-operative Adventure Mode 
 Local 2-player head-to-head racing in split screen (offline)
 Online competitive racing with up to 4 players playable in land, sea, and sky environments o Includes time trials and lap races Optional expansion packs 
Nintendo guest stars: Turbo Charge Donkey Kong and Hammer Slam Bowser and their respective vehicles will debut on Nintendo platforms

So lets recap what I think is great.
1) The graphics are awesome and really focus on detail.

2) The story line is really fun and engaging I can see how people get sucked in for hours.
3) The races are lively and thrilling.  I can see people of all ages getting into it and hooting at the TV for their characters.
4) Cooperative play makes it fun for 2 players.  And they have to work together which is great when playing as a family.
5) Fun battle modes that meet Skylanders high standards of play.
6) Different types of game play so players never get bored.
7) Single player mode is also fun and great for days when my kids don't feel like playing together.
8) And finally I love that we can use all of our old characters.  I have invested quite a bit of money into Skylanders over the past few years.  I love that is was a great investment since we can keep using these characters.

Skylanders SuperChargers is thrilling, challenging and sure to bring hours of fun. I can see this new version being at the top of so many Christmas lists!
It is available for most games systems.  To learn more please see my link below: