Thames and Kosmos: Space Farm

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Thames and Kosmos: Space Farm

Geeks in space! Explore what it would take to set up an extraterrestrial farm on another planet. Experiment with a nutrient gel to grow garden cress in hydroponic tubes without soil. In the greenhouse dome, grow the alien-like succulent Tiger’s Jaws (Faucaria tigrina). Find out what plants need in order to grow and how those things might be provided on another world. Geekstronaut figures tend to your space farm while it grows. 
Ages 8+

We have all been asked those questions.
Mom can we go to the moon?
Mom what do Aliens Eat?
Mom do you think the moon is made of cheese?
Mom can we try to catch a star?

You know the silly little things that goes through a child's mind.  We answer their questions and explain the best we can, but their mind still wonders.  And that is okay!  If anything I think we should support them to think outside the box.  To seek the answers they want.

My boys are fascinated with space, we spent hours looking at the stars through a telescope.  Talking about planets, the sun and their favorite the moon.

The latest toy by Thames and Kosmos helps to promote this active thinking.  It is the "space farm" basically kiddos need to grow their own stuff.
Everything they need to keep their little farm going is right there in the kit.
My boys like to check on it every morning.
I love it for 3 main reasons.

1) It teaches my boys how to take care of growing "life" forms.  They tend to it, make notes of changes and really get into the whole growing thing.
2) It gets them asking questions.  Some people get annoyed by the never ending why.  I love it.  I like knowing my kids wants to know what makes things go,  how they go and why they go.  With this kit they are learning that.  They know why their plants need certain things to flourish.
3) They work together!  I thought for sure they would fight over who gets to do what.  Instead they made their own little schedule of who does what and when.   It is so cute hearing Quinn remind his big brother to check and see how much growth they have.  Quinn can't write yet, so Brandon takes whatever "Observation" notes Quinn has.  

The Thames and Kosmos: Space Farm is a lot of fun and really gets little minds thinking
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