Alight Review

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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I love to shop.  I do it at least twice a week and on a good week I do it 4 times!  You just never know what treasure you are going to find.  Okay before you are like, GOOD LORD THIS WOMAN MUST HAVE A LOT OF STUFF.  When I say shop I mean all types of shopping.  Grocery, clothing, window, heck some times I go to the mall and get nothing!  I just shop around and hang out with my sister.

Clothing is my favorite type of shopping.  Getting to try on new things and pick out cute outfits.  Finding the perfect shoes to go with said new outfit!  What could be more fun.
I am not picky in-store and online shopping are both fun.
Plus online you can find great deals and you have more choices.  Plus you can do it in your PJS :)

So during my many online shopping days I have found a brand new store!
Today I want to tell you about plus size clothing from Alight. They are an online retail store that provides super cute clothing at affordable prices.  Before my kids (so long ago) I was in small and medium clothing....  2 kids later and I'm pretty much in a large to 1X the thing is its so hard to find cute clothing in large sizes!  

Being the shopaholic that I am I have so many outfits, I would fib though it is tough finding them outfits in my size.
Alight is one of those stores that caters to larger sizes.  They want woman of all sizes to look and feel their best.
  They have so many choices, for each season.

As I said Alight has so many choices.  When picking my shirt it took me over and hour to decide.  I mean really they was just so much!  They have dresses for both casual and dress up.  Sweaters, cardigans, tank tops, pull overs and so much more.  I like that their site is super organized and easy to navigate.  So even though there is a lot it is pretty easy to get though and find what you are looking for.

I have been on a lace kick lately.  I purchased a shirt a few months ago with a mock neck lace.  I ADORE IT!  Every chance I get I wear it and since buying it have added at least 10 other lace tops to my closet.

So when I was on Alight and found the Romantic Lace Khaki Tunic I just knew I had to have it.
Sheer lace tunic
Skinny, non adjustable straps
Racer back strap
Ruffled front
 Totally sheer (Needs an undershirt)
Cream Khaki color.

Okay I know you are thinking this isn't really a shirt for this time of the year?!?!  I like to layer during the fall, it is that time of the year when the day starts off cold and gets hot by 1pm.  
Layers are a must here in PA.  The Romantic Lace Khaki Tunic is a perfect layer piece.

Now I can see this being a cute girls not out shirt.  I'm 28 and my girls nights out involve me, my sister, a bag of chips and some Pretty Little Liars!  So I choose to make the Romantic Lace Khaki more of a dress up shirt.
I pared it with my favorite slacks, a cute cardigan and of course a cute pair of shoes.

I love that I can add almost any accessory and it still looks cute.
I am horrible at taking selfies

 so I laid the outfit out on my bed so you can see how cute it is together.

This is only one way the lace tunic can be worn.  As I said it would be perfect for girls night out and I can so seeing this being cute with a suit set.

To learn more about all the items offered at Alight please see my link below: