American Frame review

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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American Frame review 

My walls are covered in beloved family memories.  I take a camera with me everywhere and at this point  I think it is safe to say that I caught every milestone we had.
Over the years my taste in frames has gotten better.  Back in the day anything would do.  After having them all break and fade I learned the hard way to purchase quality.
That is why I am excited about American Frame!  They sell top of the line, beautiful frames.  That enhance your art work or photos.
They want your frame to be perfect for you.  So you can go onto their site and customize your frame any way you want.
You can also pick the type of frame you want.
Options are, Metal and wood.  From there you can choose flat top or round top.  You can also pick your color!  And they aren't done yet you even get to choose your design!  I wasn't fibbing when I said you get the perfect frame for you.

Okay before we go any further I have to mention something.  When ordering I did have some misconceptions.  I don't want you do have the same
First you don't get the photo you upload when picking your frame.  I thought my frame would come with my selected photo.  
 Next when the frame comes it isn't put together.  So make sure you have wood glue, screws, a drill and a hammer(Mallet) on hand to put it together.
None of this was an issue for me.  I just have a feeling though that if I had these misconceptions other will too.

Okay so my frame arrived super quickly.  I didn't have to do the wood glue part.  My wood was already together.  I did have to put the mat and backing on though.  I had to drill holes and also put the metal prongs on too.  And finally I had to put my "hanger" on so I could put my photo onto the wall.

This all took about 10 minutes it wasn't hard at all.  And the part that took longest was making sure my hanger part was perfectly centered.

As many of you most likely know I choose to review a black frame :).  My entire house is done in black, red and white :).  Well most of my house, my kiddos have a kids themed room of course.

Bamboo Wood Picture Frame

I was able to adjust the frame width first, also the color.  From here I had the chance to pick either wood or metal.  I really liked the wood look so I choose that.
After the wood I picked a mat, I got to pick the sizing and color.
Again I was so impressed with how personalized everything was.
After the mat I was able to mess around with the glazing.  I am not 100% sure what glazing is, so I just left that alone.
I got to choose my mounting board options and finally I had the chance to add accessories

From the start I got to decided how everything would look.  By the time I checked out I was 100% sure I was going to love my frame.
When my frame arrived I thought the quality was incredible.  This frame may be on the pricey end, but as someone whom has replaces more frames then she cares to count I can tell you in the end it is worth getting one that will last a long time.

To learn more and see all of their other frame options please see my link below