Beautiful Skin this Holiday Season

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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Eraclea Skin Care

We all have those days when our skin just feels blah.  It is even worse when we have somewhere to be.  I know I have in the past let my hair down to try and cover up less then perfect skin.
Whenever I know I am going to be going to holiday events or parties I always ALWAYS pay extra attention to my skin that week.
I need products I can trust to keep my skin looking healthy and beautiful.
So lets talk a bit about my "trouble" areas.
In the winter time I have that dry, chap skin.  Winters in PA can get brutal and that chilling wind is kinda harsh on the face.  I LOVE the cold, but I could do without that wicked wind.
With my skin taking on the elements I need something add back the hydration and natural glow to my face.
Not to mentioned I live in the country and use well water.  It is considered hard water and is never easy on the skin.

For several weeks now (Since August) I have been using two Eraclea moistening products.
Never once when using them has my face felt "greasy."  And from day one I could feel a difference.  It puts that healthy glow on my skin without weighing it down.
Every school year my son brings home a cold week one of school.  So of course I get sick too and my poor nose gets super chapped.  This year I started using the Pure Hydration Serum/Zinc day one and guess what?
No chapness at all!  

I kept using it every day first thing in the morning and I was pretty impressed that even my trouble areas started to look better. 
The really add moister I finished every night with the Restorative Hydrating Night Cream.

This cream has the right amount of thickness without being greasy.  There is no harsh smell at all and love how easily it rubs into my skin.
I am almost 30 and even though I don't have full on wrinkles I am starting to notice lines :(.  Since using this product I have noticed them getting "Less noticeable."
I don't know if this is possible, but my skin looks fuller and so healthy.

I can't get over how hydrated my skin feels just after using these products for 2 months.

Now since we are talking about trouble we have to talk about my freckles.  Anyone whom has ever said freckles are cute never had them!  They are strange face discoloration that is impossible to cover up.
I was so that kid in school rubbing lemon juice on them trying to get rid of them.
I know now they are here to stay, but I found there are products that can lighten them.
Eraclea offers a lite and bright product.  

There is no harsh smell, I actually think it smells a bit citrus like (reminded me of my lemon juice days!)
It isn't greasy and rubs in so easily.  It works to make uneven skin tone look even.  Whether it is caused by age or the sun.
It does look tinted, but when you rub it in there is not tint what so ever left on the skin.

I can't say enough great things about Eraclea.  My skin feels amazing and this holiday season I wont stress out about holiday parties.  I have a feel my skin is going to look and feel great.
After several hints I also know that I am getting my mom the restorative hydrating night creme.