Best Choice Toys

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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A few years ago I noticed that my kids always seem to want my stuff!  They want my kindle, my computer, my car, my books they just want everything I own :)
I discovered that if I get them stuff that looks like mine or looks "ADULT" (As they would say) they love it!  The more real it looks the better.

Recently I discovered Best Choice Toys and right away I knew their toys would be a hit with my kids!  They put a lot of detail into their toys and make the look like little replicas of the real thing.

They offer a lot in their shop, today though I am going to feature the two I was able to review.

Best Choice Products 12V MP3 Kids Ride on Truck Car R/c Remote Control, LED Lights, AUX and Music

My boys LOVE this car!  Before I forget I want to mention a few things up front.  I know this car looks like it has two seats, it does not.  1 child can sit in this car at a time (Or maybe two smaller children). 
 It took me a few minutes to figure out where the charger goes.  I will include a photo where it goes, the charger goes above the right wheel.  You lift a silver tab to plug it in. 

Finally it arrives with the stickers all attached, a few of my stickers were starting to come up though.  This was easily fixed by me just smoothing them out, this was a lot better then having to put them on all from scratch.
Now for my review :).  Super easy to put together, I think my hubby and I only had to put in 12 screws.  A screw driver was the only tool we needed to put this together.  It also came with extra screws in case we lost any.  We had this together in 45 minutes.  Again the stickers being in place was a huge plus for me!  When I have to put them on they are always crocked and I end up ripping half of them!  So I was pretty excited to see these already in place
The instructions are pretty easy to follow and give you both photos and written instructions.  Being able to read and look at what we were suppose to do made putting it together super easy.
Once together we tested everything out.  My boys are 4 and 8 and were ohhhing and awwwing the whole time.
This is what they loved
1) MP3 hook up.  My oldest has a small device player (Dont ask me which one they all look the same to me), there is a cord  (Included) up front where he can plug it in and listen to his music.  We can also control the volume!

2) The lights are pretty awesome too!  They flash different colors when you push buttons on the wheel.  There are lights up front and in the back and they flash several colors.  The buttons on the wheel also beep and play songs.  The dashboard lights up as well.
3) The car has two speeds and can go both forward and backwards.  This is controlled by a stick shift instead the car  Or you can push a button inside the car to allow parents to control it with a remote control!   This was pretty cool, like a adult size RC that the kids can ride in!  I think my hubby and I had way to much fun with this feature.  I had a blast driving my kids around, they giggled the entire time and kept putting their hands in the air and telling our neighbor "LOOK WE CAN DRIVE WITH NO HANDS"
4) Finally the car looks cool.  At least that is what my 8 year old says!!  He likes how the mirrors stick out at the side, he loves the high backs of the seats, the silvered colored rims and the fact it looks kind of like a real car.  It plays music, makes sounds and has lights in all the right spots.  A lot of detail went into make this car the ultimate kid ride. 
This is a great toy for kids!

So far we have only drove on the road and sidewalk.  We had a pretty wicked rain storm last week so our yard is a mess right now.  I am hoping the mud clears up soon and I can tell you how it goes in grass :)

Best Choice Products Kids Drum Set Kids Toy with Cymbals Stands Throne Black Silver Boys Toy Drum Kit

This is a very cute set that provides hours of fun for little ones. The set is on the smaller end, so it doesn't take up much space in the kids room. I have a 4 and 8 year old and it was a good size for the both of them to play. The stool seat is a bit lower so my 8 year old normally stands to play with it.

No tools are required to put it together, everything just slides easily into place. You get two sticks to play your drums and bang on the cymbal. And the big drum even has a foot pedal. I would double check and make sure you put the pedal in correctly. The first time we tried to step on it it came loose. It turns out we didn't have it snapped into the right slot! So double check this when you are putting it together. Everything is plastic so on top of not taking up much space it is super easy to move around!
I love that the drums are different sizes and kind of look like an adult set!
They also don't get overly loud.