Bia Boro Underwear

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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Every year my hubby tells me I am IMPOSSIBLE to shop for.  And every year I give him a list of at least 100+ ideas and then when I asks for his he says
"It doesn't matter, whatever...."

So I ask "well how about a new hat? "
And he says 'No I don't need a new one!'
"What about a new video game?"
"No, I haven't been playing them much...."
"A jersey?"
"You will get the wrong one."
"Whatever it doesn't matter, just grab what you want."

At this point in time I normally palm face myself and walk away.  I have been left to my own devices for years with this man.  There are a few things I always get him.
Bath stuff
A sweater
A movie
And some sort of candy

This year I am super excited to give him his new underwear!
They are from Bia Boro Apparel and I have a feeling they are going to be his new favorite.
They are made with an athletic fit to provide comfort for any kind of wear.
The fun trendy designs make them stand out.

Please note this isn't my hubby!!!   I begged him to pose for me in his new undies, but he would not!!

My hubby loves the low Rise Boxer Brief Fly free contour pouch.  Also the fact they offer a Non-restrictive support and lets not forget the Smooth & chafe-free material.
They are made from bamboo if you never wore bamboo clothing before I would describe it almost as a satin silk feeling.   They are super smooth and honestly do remind me of my silk pillow cases :).

As if that wasn't enough they are also hypoallergenic Thermal Regulating and Breathable.

My hubby hates to wear anything that rubs him wrong, he hates having underwear that are to warm and he REALLY REALLY hates when they move around on him.
The underwear from Bia Boro doesn't do any of this.
The athletic fit keeps them in place, the silkly feel makes them great for all day wear and since they are made of bamboo they are a super breathable material. 

Also I want to mention they are true to size!  So order your normal size (Or order your man's normal size)

These were suppose to be for Christmas, but my hubby found them and tried them on..
NOW he refuses to give them back!!

I have been hinting around to my hubby to get me a pair.  Since they also offer women's products.

To learn more and to see all the fun colors/design they offer please see my link below: