Buzz Bee Toys

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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"Mama Bear to Baby Bear, do you read me."
"Baby Bear to Mama Bear.  I hear you loud and Clear."
"Okay Baby Bear, I want to ambush Grumpy Bear and Side Kick Bear.  You Ready?"
"Yes Mama Bear."

My poor neighbor must think my family is crazy.  Over the weekend we had a small party with my kiddos friends and we played war/capture the flag in the back yard.  We split off into several teams of two. Some of the teams made alliances, others like Quinn and I went it alone :).
We each picked a place in the yard for headquarters and safe zones and we had, well, we had a war.
You had to get as many flags as possible with out getting hit by the other team.
Quinn wanted to throw rocks at each other >:O
I quickly nipped that in the butt and suggested we use dart blasters!
Everyone thought this would be awesome.  Even Quinn agreed since he could hit people further away with a dart blaster lol

Now we didn't just use dollar start Dart Blasters, that would be boring, we went all out with Buzz Bee Toys!
They have so many different options!!   My boys couldn't believe their eyes when I got them outside!
Each of them are fantastically made and put smiles on all the little boys faces!  (The best part is all the darts are soft!  So no one got hurt :).)
Okay let me tell you a bit about each of the products

Clip fed, XL distance dart blaster!  This little blaster can blasts darts up to 80 feet away!  I don't know about you, but I think that is pretty awesome

The Air Max clips are all interchangeable, which is great when you are playing war!  All you need to do is unload your clip and put a new once in place.

Includes 20 Air Max suction darts and a 12 dart clip

Auto advancing, long distance dart blaster

Blast darts up to 72 feet away.  It may not be as far as the Tyrant, but this little blaster still gets great distance.  The biggest change is the darts.  Instead of clips you simply put three into the front.  

The protector is a rapid fire pump blaster that can shoot 72 feet away!  The pump action lets you shoot quickly at a moving target.

 4. Ultra-Tek Brute

This blaster is a motorized, clip fed long distance dart blaster.  The darts can blast  up to 72 feet away.  Again the clips are all interchangeable 
Includes 20 long distance suction darts and a 20 dart clip Requires 4 "AA" batteries, not included

 5. Predator 

Easy loading, bolt action dart blaster. 
Blasts foam darts up to 30 feet away! Comes with a detachable scope and has a secret storage compartment to hold ammo. 
I think this one may have been the favorite all the boys fought over who got to use it.  I think the scoop really added to the appeal.  

 6. GunSmoke

GunSmoke delivers a puff of smoke with every blast! Load your dart into a shell, pull the trigger, and see a puff of smoke when the dart is launched up to 30 feet away! Then open up the blaster and eject the shell! GunSmoke delivers up to 500 blasts of smoke and the fluid is in a self-contained cartridge so there is no mess. This easy loading dart blaster even has a secret storage compartment to hold ammo and shells. 

Now I don't want to brag, but I am pretty sure I heard mention of giving me a mom of the year award.  Everyone had fun, the dart blasters had so many different options that it was easy to switch up.  Some you had to pump, a few you had to reload and several even had other fun features, such as smoke and a usable scope.
My kids had a blast and everyone can't wait to come over and play again.