Centime Gift review

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
Welcome to the 2015 Simply Me Holiday Gift guide!  The holidays should be fun.  At times finding the perfect gift, great deals, decorating and recipes can be overwhelming.  The Simply Me Blog wants to put the fun back into the Holidays so over the next several weeks I will be posting great gifts for everyone, decorating tips, recipes and everything in-between!
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Being mom is the greatest thing I have ever done or will ever do.  Everything else is pale in comparison.
My kids are my world and I am sure most moms think they same way.
I have a cute mom necklace in my room.  Here is the thing... THOUSANDS of other moms own that same necklace.  Heck my own mom even has the same one.
I wanted something that was personal.  Something that said I am Brandon and Quinn's mom.
I found just that at Centime! 
Each of their items are handmade and have that personal touch to them.
I was able to customize a Russian Ring necklace.
Each ring on my necklace has a different name.  I got to pick the names so of course I picked

All of the rings are connected to each other.  They each share a bond and it made me think of my kids.  How I always hope we are close and that I want them to always know I love them.

Now I got names on mine, you can do dates, quotes whatever you want.
This is also only one of the many items offer at their site.  They have rings, earrings, bracelets, other necklaces and so much more.

To learn more and see all they have to offer please see my link below: