Color Me Monthly

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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Color Me Monthly

I change my nail color at least once a week.  I also like to play around with designs.  I'm not that good, but I really try :).  My hubby thinks I am a goofball since I try to match my nails with whatever types of outfit I try to wear that week.
Since I do like to change it up so much it is important to me to have lots of choices and Color Me Monthly is perfect for that!

Color Me Monthly is a fun and simple subscription service that delivers gorgeous toxin-free and cruelty-free nail polish to your door each month. 
You don't even need to go shopping they get delivered right to your door!
They want to offer eco-friendly nail polish that is made right here in the USA.
Their products are never ever tested on animals.

Plus they ship FREE. 

I was checking out some of their colors and I am really impressed
They offer their services for only $7 a month.  That includes shipping too.
Or if you are looking for a great gift idea  you can get their year plan which is $75 or their Half-Year offer which is $40.
Both are great and any woman is sure to love the monthly surprise of nail polish.
This is a great gift option that are not only perfect for the holidays, but also unique a little outside the box!
 Women of all ages love receiving a package in the mail each month and all it takes is a one-time payment from the gift giver!
(I wave my hand wildly shouting I love getting packages in the mail)

When picking colors they stick to both style and season so you get the best of both.
The color is rich and top quality.
And you can cancel at anytime.

This month I was given two colors:
Daily Grind - This color was a neutral brownish color.  I wear a lot of blacks, creams, whites and browns so I can see me using this one quite often.

Next was South Pacific - A super pretty shimmery blue.  It was bold and teenage like though.  It was a pretty subltle blue that I can so see myself wearing.

Both went on smoothly and gave great color.  I did add a 3rd coat to the Daily Grind to really make it pop a little since it was neutral.
Each month is different and you can even check out their Vault to buy a color you truly love.
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