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I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.
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A few weeks ago I got my first K-Cup coffee maker.  It was love at first brew!  Not only could I make coffee, but I was able to make  tea and even Hot chocolate!  Every morning getting up and turning on that machine has become a routine.  The best part is all the different K-Cup flavors we can use.  Now don't get me wrong there have been several yuks.  So it is really hit or miss with the k-cup brand you buy.

Which bring me to my review and a new coffee company that is going to the top of my list for must buy!

Community Coffee Company, the largest family-owned and operated coffee company in the U.S. Founded in 1919, Community is an importer, roaster and distributor of the highest-quality premium coffees, using only 100% Arabica beans.

There coffee has been 95 years in the making, that is 95 to get it to perfection.
The first cup my hubby and I shared was super smooth yet rich in flavor!  The perfect way to start our mornings.
So lets talk more about flavor.  Community Coffee Company offers so many different flavors that everyone is sure to find something they love.  The even offer seasonal specials.
We were able to review the Cafe Special Medium Roast and the French Vanilla.

I didn't think I was going to like the French Vanilla, I really and truly thought it would gross me out.

Oh how wrong I was, and it may be my new favorite.  The flavor is bold, yet it has just a hint of vanilla.  It was truly a unique taste, I don't want to call it sweet, but that is the word that comes to mind.  Not candy sweet though, just a subtle hint of sweetness.

The Medium Roast was super smooth.  

I left my hubby give me some advice on how to write this one since he LOVED it.  Like really that morning he just kept telling me how good it was and they had the beans at the perfect medium roast.
I told him they weren't beans that it was a K-Cup at which point he rolled his eyes and told me it was too early for me to talk so dumb :(
(Okay to be fair it was a dumb statement lol)
He then went on about the smoothness and the earthy taste.  He also said it brewed really nice and was perfectly blended.
The man went through the entire pack of K-Cups in three days!!  I only had one.  Don't worry I hid the French Vanilla from him (Those bad boys are mine)

So yes I can say beyond a doubt that Community Coffee Company has got the coffee making business down to a perfection.  Even thing you could want in a coffee is here.  Oh and the K-Cups are just one way they offer their coffee.  You can get it in grounds, whole bean, instant and even measured packs. 

Finally I want to share with you a super yummy recipe that Community Coffee shared with me :)
(Perfect for the holidays)
Holiday Coffee Granita
Serves: 4-6 people / Prep: 10 minutes

2 cups Community® coffee (any flavor)
12 cups simmering water
½ cup sugar
1 bottle Irish Cream Liqueur

Place all Community® coffee into a 12-cup coffee press.
Add water. Allow to steep 4 minutes, plunge, then set aside.
Heat Community® coffee and sugar over medium-low heat until sugar is completely dissolved.
Carefully pour mixture into a heat-resistant container.
Freeze mixture for 4-5 hours.
Using a fork, scrape granita vigorously every hour to form icy flakes. It is very important to make sure the mixture does not freeze completely.
Pour chilled Irish cream liquor into small glass and top with the shaved coffeeice.
Top with a festive orange twist or sprig of mint.

Christmas morning is always super fun in our house, but after a night of playing Santa I need my morning pick me up.  I know this year I will be reaching for a nice hot glass of Community Coffee!
To learn more please see my link below:
Community Coffee