Crisp and Curious Chef

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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Crisp and Curious Chef

Seeing my boys and I in the kitchen together making some yummy treat is not an unfamiliar site.  Growing up my nanny was a cake baker and spending days with her in the kitchen are some of my favorite memories.
When I became a mom I couldn't wait to make those same memories with my boys.  Now my grandmother was a professional, I am just a home cook who tends to burn things.  Being together in the kitchen is still fun though.  Even if our treats aren't as good as they were when I was a kiddo.

I was given the chance to review with two companies Crisp which offers fun/convenient products for adults.  I was also able to work with Curious Chef.  They provide real kid friendly kitchen tools.  So that our little chef buddies really can help us with their very own tools.

From Crisp I was sent a Birds Beak pairing knife and a cherry pitter. 
I really like the pairing knife it is super sharp and gets the job down quick.  It even comes with its own shapener to keep it sharp for years to come.  The shape makes it perfect for both paring and peeling.

Now I really like the pairing knife, but I ADORE the Cherry Pitter.

I have a 4 year old that doesn't understand you need to spit the pit out of a cherry.  It is such a pain to have to cut them out and to be honest it makes quite the mess.  With the Cherry Pitter all I have to do is push down!  I kid you not all I have to do is PUSH DOWN.  The bottom even collects the pits for easy clean up.
I don't know how I lived all these years with out it.

Okay so since mom got some cool kitchen gadgets we had to get the boys something too!

This knife set is tough on food, but easy on skin.  It is the perfect way to teach kiddos how to be safe in the kitchen.  My boys love the fun colors and the fact they can actually cut stuff up with me :).  They even go the distance of cleaning them up themselves and putting them away.  The handles is large enough that kiddos can get a great grip on them.

Super cute spoon again in those fun colors.  This spoon helps us to teach kiddos how to mix and stir their favorite batters.  My boys used my spoons in the past, but they were always to big and they had little control.  This Medium Mixing spoon is the perfect size for their little hands.

I already spent so much time with my boys in the kitchen.  Now thanks to these new tools I know we will be in there even more!
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