Dancing Moon Coffee

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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9 Years ago I use to burst out of bed like a little ray of sun shine and go about my day with a never ending smile.  My morning would go something like stretch in bed for a few minutes, go over and brush my teeth, get a shower, maybe get breakfast, perhaps wait an hour to eat.  Watch some TV, debate going for a walk, paint my nails, do some shopping.  You know a nice leisure day.  That would start at 11am

Now my alarm goes off at 6am!  6AM!!!  I am up before the sun at this point.  With a groan I try to pop my bad shoulder so the pain goes away I roll to my side and pray that there is no back pain today.  I hobble/ fall my way to the bathroom where it takes me 10 minutes to convince my hubby to get out so I can do my morning business.  I then try to locate my toothbrush under all the stuff my kiddos have everywhere.  At this point it turns into an argument in getting the kids up and why they can't just drop out of school and join the circus.
I hustle them get them fed, cleaned, organized and off to school.  And I swear to you none of this would happen with out my AM caffeine!
For the first 2 hours everyday of my life I am doing stuff for other people.  And I don't complain, to be honest even though I am tired, cold and just want more sleep I wouldn't trade my life for the world.
I love my little family.  As most parents though I do need my little me moments and drinking that first cup of coffee everyday is a me moment.  A small amount of time for me to collect myself and face the day.
I want that moment to be as great as possible so I make sure to get only the best brands.  I mean really when you are waking up and it is still dark outside you need a little pick me up :).

Recently I discovered Dancing Moon Coffee.  Dancing Moon Coffee stands out as a premium brand that’s small batch, single source, strictly organic, mold-free and fair trade compliant, using only the highest standards in roasting. The product line focuses on beans from the world’s best single source plantations. 

Not only that, but a portion of the proceeds of every sale of Dancing Moon Coffee goes to the Semper Fi Fund, set up post – 9/11 to provide immediate financial assistance and lifetime support for the wounded, critically ill and injured members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families. 

Not only does Dancing Moon Coffee taste good, but you can feel good knowing your purchase is making a difference.
They offer several flavors, each of which a lot of time and effort was put forth to make a unique taste.
I was sent a bag of ethiopian-yirgacheffe

A coffee so exquisite that it was the only coffee allowed in the palaces of the Ethiopian kings. And our Yirgacheffe selection is truly a revelation. It’s hugely fragrant and spicy with occasional hints of citrus and blueberries. And that’s just the beginning. Sweeter caramel and chocolate flavors start to develop as the cup cools down. Here’s a coffee that’s definitely fit for a king.

As I said though this is only one of the many choices offered by them!  To see all they have to offer check them out on amazon.