Disney On Ice presents 100 Years of Magic presented by Stonyfield YoKids Organic Yogurt

I was given tickets to enjoy the show with my family.  All opinions are still my own.

Disney On Ice presents 100 Years of Magic presented by Stonyfield YoKids Organic Yogurt

Last night I went to Disney on Ice with my family.  Before I start my review I want to tell you a little bit about me and my history with Disney on Ice.  When I was little I had a brother, sister and 6 cousins.  In total there was 9 of us on my dad's side.  Every year my grand parents would take us to see Disney on Ice.  At one point it got that there was just to many of us for them to watch.  So they would split the years.  One year the boys would go and the next it would be the girls turn.  I so looked forward to going every other year and I made some amazing memories with my grandparents.  Fast forward 20 years and I still love going to the shows.  Now instead of going with my sister and cousin I take my own kiddos.  The magic is still there and the skating and singing is just as enchanting as it was all those years ago.

This years show was 100 Years of Magic.  Be charmed by a cast of more than 50, with Mouse-ter of Ceremonies Mickey Mouse, sweetheart Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and Disney Princesses including Cinderella, Rapunzel, Ariel, Snow White and Tiana. Relive the magic of Disney’s Frozen with Anna, Elsa and the hilarious Olaf as they discover that true love is the greatest magic of all.

My boys adored the show.  They were on the edge of their seat all night.  It was magical to see our favorite characters come to life and sing and skate right before us.  The cast put on a wonderful show.  The lighting was amazing and there wasn't one dull moment the entire night.
The best part is they played all of our favorite songs!!  My boys were in their seats singing along.  A few of them were:
Let It Go
You’ve Got a Friend in Me
Hakuna Matata

And my boys couldn't stop laughing when Aladdin's Genies kept coming out!!   I didn't count but there had to be at least 20!!  

The show will be at the Giant Center in Hershey for a few more night!  If you live in PA you so need to check it out.  I promise the whole family will love it.
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