FireFly Leader in Children's Oral Health Care

I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.
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Please raise your hand if you have a sweet tooth around the holidays!  Don't raise your hand though if you are reading this in public... People will think you are crazy! lol
But really I think it is safe to say almost everyone enjoys a few more treats then they should around the holidays.  I mean come on who can pass up grandma's special cookies, or my aunts famous pumpkin pie!  Not to mention pumpkin roll, new york cheese cake, gingerbread men, candy canes AHHH I have to stop I'm getting hungry!!
The thing is our teeth take on a lot more this time of the year.  No big deal for me I just add an extra brushing to my routine   My boys on the other hand don't like that plan.  As far as they are concerned brushing should be done only when odors start to form (Don't worry I don't let them get away with it!  We are twice sometimes three times a day brushing)

They may hate brushing, but when I told them that instead of a tooth brush we were going to use a Star Wars lightsaber to brush?  Yeah they almost knocked me over running back to the bathroom.

Firefly is the leader in children’s oral care solutions and offers fun toothbrushes in bright colors, with flashing lights and favorite characters that turn brush time into playtime!

 The flagship Ready Go toothbrush is equipped with a 60-second light-up timer that helps teach independence and guides kids to brushing for the dentist recommended amount of time. 1 minute for each row of teeth. 
The toothbrush is available in popular characters such as Hello Kitty, Marvel, Barbie, Angry Birds and many others that kids love! Firefly also recently launched a brand new Star Wars Lightsaber toothbrush that features character voices, flashing lights and galactic sounds to encourage kids to defeat the dark side of cavities!

 Firefly will not only help parents teach their children healthy habits for a lifetime, but will also ensure that the kiddos smile big and bright for the whole Year!

And Firefly really does make brushing fun.  My kids love the lights and sounds.  What was once a chore is now fun times.  The minutes long timer is perfect to teach them how long to brush both the top and bottom.  1 Minute each and even if they forgot the fact the tooth brush shuts off is a great reminder.

A healthy mouth is so important.  These would not only be great for a stocking stuffer, but would also make you feel great to give them to your kiddos.  To learn more please see my link below: