Ghost Squad

I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this reivew.  All opinions are my own.

Ghost Squad

The Miller household is in Halloween mode!  We have out our decor, have been watching movies nonstop and even started to make a few treats.
Plus this year we are having my kiddos party on Halloween!  A Halloween birthday party?!?!  According to my kids this is going to be the best one EVER.

The movies are one of our favorite things about Halloween.  Each year we watch all the Alvin and the Chipmunk specials, Charlie Brown, Mickey Mouse and of course the Spooky Buddies!  We love them and are always looking to add more to our collection.  And I think we found it with Ghost Squad.  As I type this my oldest is watching it for the 3rd time!!

It was released on September 1 from Cinedigm.  So you can buy right now and start to enjoy this fun Halloween family film.
This fun family-friendly film 
follows three middle 
 school-aged best friends dared to stay the night in an abandoned mansion.
Que scary music!!!  
LOL We all know how creepy abandoned mansions can be. 
Lying to their parents about their whereabouts for the evening, the best friends camp out together with plenty of gadgety stake-out gear. If they make it through the night, they hope to win over the girls they have been crushing on. 
Isn't it always sweet to see how silly young love can be?
However, the night takes an interesting turn when they encounter a ghost-dog in the haunted house! Now they must find the courage to confront the ghost, learning the age-old lesson that a ghost-dog just wants a friend. In the end, they win the respect of the bullies and the hearts of their girl-best friends. Although they might not be sure of what they saw in that house, they have certainly become more sure of themselves.

I have watched it with my boys and yes it is as cute as it sounds.  I like that my 4 year old can enjoy it and me at 28 also liked it.  So thumbs up for being a film the entire family can watch together.

My boys are 4 and 7 and we didn't have an late night crawling into my bed after watching it.  So another thumbs up for being age appropriate with the scariness. 

I highly recommended this film and I think it will become a Halloween favorite in any home.