Hard Candy Make up review

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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I live in a house of boys!  They don't care about clothing, hair, makeup or even personal hygiene! :(
I'm kind of a girly girl.  I like wearing make up, lace and silk excite me and getting my hair done is like a mini vacation.
I have a make up brush for everything and I believe you can never have enough colors.
I need lip colors, eye colors and a nail polish collection.  This woman likes choices :)

Recently I discovered Hard Candy make up.  They offer these trendy eye pallet cases that are not only super cute, but have so many different shades!
Because one day I feel like wearing brown and the next I want to go with a stylish blue!
Better yet it is all affordable.  All the products I was sent were below $5!  And don't worry affordable doesn't mean cheap, I love the rich colors and the easy smooth application.

Let focus on the products I was sent.
The Hard Candy Glam Kit.

This is a 26 piece kit.  It has 24 colors and 2 sponge applicators.  Also includes a mirror for easy on the go application.  I love the glittery case and it comes in 3 colors Black, Pink and purple!  I was sent one of each.  I of course choose the black and plan to give the other two to my sister and brother's GF.
I was impressed not only with the sleek case, but also the pretty colors included.

Pinks, purples, reds, browns, greens, white and black.  There was even a few shades of blue and gold in there too!!  (These are my kids School colors so I can see me having fun with these two in the future)
These are the perfect stocking stuffer.  They have colors for girls and women of all ages.
The eye shadow goes on smooth and never leaves those weird clumps you get sometimes.

Next I was able to review the Hard Candy eye essentials collection!

It has two eye shadow pallets in my favorite eye colors. Browns (Neutrals) and black and whites.  Both have shoots of colors such as blue, purple and pinks.  But they are perfect for creating a smoky eye look.
Plus they come with 3 brushes (which I love, I am a sucker for make up brushes)  and a cute bag to store everything in.
The colors are perfect for a night on the town or even to create a cute neutral look for grocery shopping or everyday use.
As with the glam kit the colors are rich and go on perfectly.

I love both products!
Again I can't brag enough about the awesome price of these products!  Both would only cost 4.88 and they are at Walmart.  Affordable and easy to find.
That on top of the rich colors that are easy to apply and go on smoothly with no weird clumps?  What else could you ask for?

These would be a great gift to most women and super cute as a stocking stuffer.  To learn more please see my link below: