Herbal Essences #ShowerPower

I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own

Herbal Essences #ShowerPower

At this point in time you have to know my hair is the enemy!  I have super thick, over the top kinky waved hair.  I am very careful as to what I put into said hair.  Again you have to think of my hair as a tantrum throwing brat who will go off at the slightest offence. 
There are several products I use over and over again that I know my hair has made "buddies" with.  They get along lol
On that short list happens to be Herbal Essences products!
Not only do they keep my hair smooth, they also help to give it shine and make it tamable.
I've been using Herbal Essences since I was a teenage girl (hard to believe that was about 12 years ago!)  In those 12 years I don't have one complaint!  Not a single one.
As a mom I considered shower time me time!  My youngest is 4 so we have gotten past the point of someone knocking on the door yelling to see if I was okay.  Or the dread can you get me a glass of milk!!  BHAHHAA I'm covered in soap suds, nude in a shower how the heck can I get you a glass of milk lol

They finally stopped though and those few moments of shower bliss are peaceful!
Herbal Essences gets that!

Herbal Essences knows that the shower is a rare experience where all of our senses are fully alive. By creating a multi-sensorial, pleasurable experience, Herbal Essences turns your shower into a paradise for your hair.  

Now, Herbal Essences is coming clean with a new survey that reveals your morning shower and the products you use can have a major impact on the rest of your day.

Herbal Essences surveyed 1,000 US women ages 18-35 and found that 90% agree that an enjoyable morning shower transforms their day and that it is one of the few times where they can truly “escape.” In fact, 2/3 of women would rather skip breakfast than skip their morning shower.

But it’s not just the warm water that tempts us to lather, rinse and keep repeatingscent is an essential ingredient to the ultimate shower experience. In fact, 85% of women frequently purchase shower products solely for scent, and overwhelmingly prefer a fruity scent (61%) to a floral one (39%). The survey also found that scent-purchasers are more likely to:

Consider themselves social (65%) vs. those who don’t purchase products for scent (72%)
Consider themselves spontaneous (38%) vs. those who don’t purchase products for scent (19%)
Have exercised in the past week (81%) vs. those who don’t purchase products for scent (72%)

It is good to know I am not the only one who considers shower time I small oasis where the dirty house, unmade beds and homework doesn't matter.  That morning shower helps me get ready to take on the day!!

And Herbal Essences made shower time even better by sending me a few of their new products!

Ggives my hair that all over shine without harsh paraben, silicone or colorant! 
It works to bring out my hairs natural beauty.  And it gives off a beautiful white tea and mint scent.  That awakes my senses and leaves my scalp feeling amazing.   The collections has a shampoo, conditioner and a shine mist spray.  To give you all day coverage.

The lovely people at Herbal Essences know that your hair is only 1 half of the shower experience.  They have our body covered too with a great smelling, super lathering body wash!  
I was sent the Body Burst, Herbal Essences body wash in citrus scent.

I don't know about you, but a burst of citrus is the perfect wake me up scent to any morning!  And this body wash is bursting with that scent.  The best part it smells natural!  Not an overpowering perfumery smell.  No this is just the perfect amount of citrus without being to much.
I love it and it lets me feeling refreshed and clean!

My shower is my mini getaway.  I want to get the most of out of those few precious moments.  Life is busy, but this is my time to unwind.  My time to pamper myself.  Herbal Essences makes that easier and more invigorating then ever before with their great scent products!