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Holiday Gift Guide  The Time Saving Volumizing Hair Curler

I have two little boys and thankfully a quick combing in the morning is all their hair needs.  Because a hairstylist I am not!  My hair is always in 1 or 4 ways.  Side braid, pony tail, straight down or if I want to get a bit classy a tucked pony tail.  I do have clips and hand-bands to dress up these looks and once in awhile I'll even change it up by pinning my bangs back.
Now this isn't because I don't want to do my hair, I'm just horrible at it.  I have think unmanageable hair.  I so envy girls with cute little curls in their hair!  
I can never seem to get the same look.  That is until I found the new Time Saving Volumizing Hair Curler.
I wont lie I so doubted this product.  I just didn't see how it could work.
I was wrong!  So very very wrong.

This is the handheld curler that automatically winds, heats and releases hair to create voluminous, frizz-free curls in half the time as standard curling irons. The lightweight device simply clamps down on a 1/2" strand of clean, dry hair and automatically winds it around a tourmaline ceramic barrel, where it is heated from all directions for 8 to 12 seconds and released as a smooth, bouncy curl. A safety mechanism automatically releases hair if it detects a tangle. The accelerated curler heats up in only 30 seconds, it includes a temperature-lowering sleep mode, and has an automatic shut-off. 

Before you start please make sure your hair is clean, dry and brushed through.  This helps to make your hair easily go through the device without getting tangled up.
Okay step one is you want to section your hair.  If you are like me and have thick hair I suggest doing a bunch of different sections.  I do 4.

Now I take one section and let a little bit down (I start at the bottom and work my way up), pin the rest back up.  I then take small sections of the loose hair and place them into the curler.  I would say about 1/2  inch of hair I then put the curler where I want my curl to start.

You have to always make sure the inside of the curler is facing your head.
I clamp it together and it takes my hair up.  Really I don't have to do anything but clamp down.

Now if you did something wrong such as take to much hair you will get a quick 4 beeps to let you know to try again.  If you did it right you will get one beep.
You will get a series of one beeps and then at the end 4 beeps.  The 4 beeps let you know that the curl is done.  Simply un-clamp, pull away and you are left with a beautiful spiral curl.

Repeat with entire head.

There is 2 heat sections and 3 time selections this way you can choose if you want tight curls or nice loose curls.

There are several things I LOVE!  
When attempting to curl my own hair I always do something wrong.  I get weird "crimps" the curls look uneven and sometimes the curl doesn't even take.  The new time saving volumizing Hair Curler takes away all this guess work.  Each time I will get an even curl and I know it will be going the right direction.  Thanks to the round barrel I don't have to worry about those weird crimps either.

Next is the back of my head.  I know I'm not the only woman who suffers for not being able to curl back there.  Again it is so much easier to feel a 1/2 inch of hair with my hand and direct it to the curler.  Plus I don't have to disfigure my arm to twist back there.  All I have to do is clamp down.

Time is a major plus.  It takes less then half the time it normally would.  I have thick hair, it takes me 20 minutes to straight my hair everyday.  So you can imagine how long it would take to curl.  As long as my kids don't interrupt me I timed myself it took me 15 to section, curl and even pin some up into a cute style.
15 minutes!  Not even my hubby can complain about that :).

The style also holds.  I did my hair for the first time on August 27, yes I remember the date because my sister and I were getting lunch at a new pizza place.  The curls lasted all through lunch with no limpness or frizz, after lunch we went to our favorite clothing shop.  Even after trying on a few shirts the curls held.
 I then took my son to soccer practice and the curls lasted.  I thought wow this is to good to be true.  So that night Quinn also had preschool orientation, I thought for sure I would be rocking a ponytail that night, but again the curls held!  Okay pretty impressed... I came home made a quick dinner, got the boys baths and in bed, did a quick clean up and still the curls held!  It wasn't until I washed them out that they came out.
And we are talking a August day in PA, it was pretty hot and humid outside!!

I have no cons with this product, maybe if you were older I can see the device being a bit heavy for your hand.  I don't see my nanny being able to hold it up long, but she gets tired fluffing pillows so...
yeah I can't even list that as a con.

The very first time I used it, it did take me three times until I figured out the right away told it.  So I would suggest reading the instructions and making sure you are holding it the right way.  Now that I have it figured it I'm fine :)

It is easy to use, makes perfect curls every time, long lasting curls and works on all hair types.  Even my thick unruly hair behaved for The Time Saving Volumizing Hair Curler.
To learn more please see my link below:
The Time Saving Volumizing Hair Curler