Hot Cherry Pillows

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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I will be 30 in 1 1/2 years!  My hubby will be turning 31 in a few weeks, and I am kind of mad no one told us about all the aches and pains that come when you get older.
I use to be a little ball of energy, now if I sit at the computer for to long my back hurts for days.  My hubby always has a stiff neck and eating the wrong foods can give me heart burn all night.
Getting older stinks :(
The good news is Hot Cherry Pillows offers a great way to relive the pain of every day aches.

Not only that, they are also great for cold feet, stress and to even help with sinus pressure (my favorite use)
They can be heated up or put into the fridge.
And the best part is they inside is filled with cleaned cherry pits!  So if my pup would get a hold of one I wouldn't need to worry about strange chemicals harming him.

Okay lets go more into detail.
The Hot Cherry Pillow comes in several sizes.  It is simple to use, you either place it in the freezer for a cool pack or in the microwave for a heating pad.
The hallowed cherry pits suck up the heat to give a long lasting warmth to troubled areas.

There are several uses that I can think of:
1) Sore, tight muscles everyone knows that applying heat helps to relive them.
2) Cold feet -  I have twice now took this to bed with me at night to get my chilly toes warmed up.

3) Sinus pressure - It is that time of the year for me when my face hurts from all the sinus pressure building up.  The Hot Cherry pillow was the perfect size to help.  
4) Helps saves on electric.  Since you only need a minute or two to heat it up.  And if you cool it down there is no extra electric being used.  And you don't have to worry about falling asleep with a cord plugged in!
5) No chemicals - It is made with cherry pits you never have to worry about chemicals spilling out of a rip.

6) Great for all ages - Quinn bumped his head the other night and I just happened to have this in the freezer.  He was so impressed we had a "Cold pillow" he didn't even fuss when I placed it on his head :)

I know I said it if rips I don't have to worry about chemicals, to be honest I am not worried about it ripping.  It is made or really durable material.
You can have your choice of:
100% cotton
 natural dyed Denim
 plush, ultra suede Maraschino

And finally the thing that really and truly impressed me with this product is the light cherry pie scent!  It is faint enough that it provides a nice smell without being over powering.

As I said I've been using it for minor pains for weeks now and each time it really does provide relief.  I even take it with me in the car, 1 to help with lower back pain and 2 it adds a little warmth to my chilly mornings.

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