Ideal My Dog Has Fleas

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Ideal My Dog Has Fleas

Okay did the name of this game put a smile on anyone else's faces?  Friday is game night in our house.  Rain, shine or snow if you come to the Miller house on a Friday night we are all sure to be huddled around the table playing some sort of game.
There are 2 reasons I love game night.
1 It is great to connect with my kiddos and ask them about life and school.
2 We have fun together.  Growing up my parents always did there own thing and I remember so badly just wanting them to hang out with me.  I don't even think they realized that they ditched me so much.  As a mom I want to make sure to always put time aside for my kids.  I want family time to always be a top priority.  So family game nights helps me to do this.

My Dog Has Fleas is a fun game that will have the whole family laughing.  Even though it is geared towards kids, the hubby and I still had fun playing.

Be the Flea! 
 Take turns placing your fleas onto Itchy’s back then, turn his tail to see which fleas stay on, and which pop off! 
 Comes with Itchy the Dog, 16 fleas and instructions 
 2-4 players. 
 Ages 4+

Each player is given 4 fleas of a certain color.  You have to then put your fleas onto Itchy's back.  The tail is turned and you try to see how many fleas stay on
Who ever is the first to keep all their Fleas on Itchy's back wins!

The game is fun, my only issues is the tail was harder to turn.  Quinn is 4 and had a lot of issues trying to crank it.  He wasn't able to turn the tail without moving the dog itself.  We have played a few times and it seems to be turning easier.  So maybe before your first time of play give a few loosen up cranks. 

Overall though the game is fun and great for all ages.  We always have a blast seeing who will be the first to keep their fleas on poor old Itchy :)