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I was given products in this post for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.
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I am 28 years old.  That is 28 years of laughing, frowning, sun exposure, dirt, makeup and debris.
My skin shows those 28 years.  I just started wearing aging makeup and using aging facial products.  
As a newbie to these products I feel a bit lost.  I want something to cover up freckles and make my pore and lines less noticeable.
At the same time there are products that smell horrible and make it feel as if I shoved mud into my pores.

I have found quite a few that work and are making aging a bit more bearable.  One of them is the Bye Bye Pores foundation by IT Cosmetics.

The name says it all doesn't it?

Basically you can buy a powder or a pressed version and can use it one of two ways. 
1)  All alone you can just wake up put some on and it helps to conceal fine lines and visible pores. 
Some Sundays I just like to sit around the house.  No need to get all dolled up, I still want to look presentable to my hubby though.  So a little Bye Bye Pore pressed powdered is all I put on.
Gets rid of those unsightly pores and I don't need to go all out with the makeup that day.
2) Over makeup it gives makeup an airbrushed finished look.  I wear makeup most days and it has become a habit of mine to finish up with the Bye Bye Pore powder.  I love the translucent look.
It is there without really being noticeable.
And if you have lots of shine this helps to reduce that.

This talc-free hydrating powder is created to give your skin a flawless finish with the sweep of a brush.
You simple swirl, tap and give your face a once over with the brush.

 This is for everyone who wants the look of airbrushed skin in an instant!
Because really an instant is all it takes for swirl, tap and brush

This is for anyone who wants to hide imperfections and  treat their skin with an anti-aging finishing powder that doesn’t settle into fine lines!  I hate when I look into a mirror and realize I have caked in makeup!
 Formulated with anti-aging ingredients including peptides, real silk, hydrolyzed collagen, and the optically blurring Drops of Light Technology, this powder was created to erase the look of pores and other skin imperfections. 

And as if all that wasn't already amazing the silky powder is perfect to absorb oil and shine.

I have used this every single day after doing my makeup and I can't get over the results.  It helps to hid the lines around my mouth and lines.  It doesn't "cake" on instead it settles nicely onto my skin.
The brush really helps to evenly distribute it every where.  And the pressed powered is great to take on the go.  I simple put it into my purse without fearing spills.
Finally the thing I love most is there is no harsh smells!  As I mentioned early some anti aging stuff is rough on the nose.  The Bye Bye Pores product has no scent at all!

I know I claimed it is great for when you are done doing your makeup, I also noticed it is a great "starter"  too.  I put some on before apply my cover-up and I swear I think my cover-up went on more smoothly. 
Please note I used powdered cover-up I am not sure it would work all that great as a starter with liquid. 

My only complaint is I don't like how it looks on dry skin.  I tend to get some around my nose after a cold (I think from using tissues it takes away the oil) the powder almost sits on top of it and makes it more apparent.  I would suggest if you use it avoid any dry skin patches. 

This is only one of the amazing products offered by It Cosmetics to see all they have please check out my link below: