Jewelry Candles a hidden Jewel in every Candle

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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October 4th was my 7th wedding anniversary!  Seven years of my hubby and I celebrating the joy of us.  Each year my hubby gets me some kind of yummy treat.  Normally he has it delivered on the 4th, this year our anniversary was a Sunday so it wasn't going to happen that way.
I am a brat and couldn't wait to get the mail.  It meant I could get my gift a few days early!
Last Monday a package was on my porch when I came home from getting Quinn from preschool.  And even outside it smelled amazing!  I couldn't wait to get inside and sink my teeth into whatever that mouth watering aroma was.

Into the house I went, found my scissors, cut open my package and.... BLINKED!
It wasn't a treat I could eat, it was my Jewelry Candles!  I was in serious awe of how amazing they smelt.  I really and truly thought there was food inside.
This was just the start though, once I lit them that incredible smell became even stronger and more mouth watering.
My entire house smelled like a bakery.
I was able to review a Creme Brulee candle and a Birthday cake Tart set.

Now I am sure the name gives it away, but with each Candle there is a piece of jewelry inside!
SO you get an amazing scented candle and jewelry?  Perfect gift for any woman!!

I popped open the Birthday Cake Tarts right away. 

 I have 3 wax burners in my house so I knew I would get to the jewelry in that one pretty quickly.
And I was right!  Inside the top corner was the prettiest purple flower necklace!

I have been using the tarts for a little over a week now and they still have that strong scent that makes my entire house smell good.  My poor hubby everyday comes home thinking I baked some sort of cake for him!

My Creme Brulee candle is still burning, I didn't get to the jewelry yet.  

So it gets a huge thumbs up for being long lasting.  The wait is okay by me.  It is fun checking each day in anticipation to when it will burn far enough to get the jewelry :)
After seeing the stunning necklace in wax burners, I can't wait to see the ring in my candle.
Oh and I know it is a ring since I got to pick what kind of jewelry was inside :)  I thought this was a nice feature not all women where the same kind of jewelry.  My sister hates rings, so she would have chosen something else for inside.
Oh and I got to give my ring size so we knew it would fit.
If you like it all you can choose to be surprised.
Wondering what you may find in your candle?
A pair of earrings, a pendant, a necklace, a bracelet or a ring.
The price tag of said jewelry can be anywhere from $10 - $7500!

Don't worry about the wax ruining your jewelry it is wrapped in aluminum foil. 
And if you want them to "Appraise" what your's is worth you can upload a photo to their site and they will get back to you with the $ value.
Don't think you will like the scents I reviewed?  No biggie they offer over 100 scents! And the are made of 100% soy wax.

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