My kids were Rock Stars at Chuck E Cheese

I was provided a free trip to Chuck E Cheese for this review.  All opinions are my own.
In my mind my kiddos are the next great thing!  Quinn hands me a drawing and I see the Mona Lisa.  Brandon Jr tosses me a ball and I see Peyton Manning talent.  When we sing along to our favorite movies I swear I hear little Frank Sinatra's.   I have my mom glasses on every day.
I must have lent those glasses out, because on Friday when we went to Chuck E Cheese my kids were treated like Rock Stars!  We celebrated Brandon's 8th birthday and Quinn 5th.
Now I know you all don't live in PA, but if you can in some way get to the Wyomissing, PA Chuck E Cheese GOOO!!  They were amazing.  To be honest the whole Chuck E Cheese set up was pretty spectacular!  
Let me tell you about my kids special day so you can read for yourself just how incredible their party was.

The second we walked through the door we were greeted with a huge welcome.  The people at the door knew I was coming and when I gave my name everyone got really excited and came right over to my boys to welcome them in.
I could see in my boys face they felt special.  Almost like WHOA all of this for us?!?  It didn't stop there we were then introduced to our party host Maribel.  And she is amazing!  She has so much passion for her job!  At the end of the night she was telling me how they got new games, and telling me how she sets up parties, the way she talked about Chucktober fest and when she told me everything that occurs at the different parties, she was radiating.  I could see the excitement on her face and hear it in her voice.  This woman loves her job and it showed the entire night.
Okay I know I got a bit ahead of myself, Maribel just really had me in awe.
After we meant out host we were taking back to the party seating area.  The table was set up for my boys!  They each got a cape, cardboard superhero cut out, glasses, their own cups and a whole array of other special stuff.  Again the amount of effort that went into making my boys feel special really did floor me.  I wont fib I kind of wanted to cry, tears of joy of course, because my kids were getting treated like Rock Stars.  They were very special guest and at every turn they were treated this way.  The smiles on their face though out the night will tell that story.  

We got so much, I am sorry if I forget anything.  The boys got stickers with their names on them, marking them as special quests.  They got birthday boy shirts.  Tokens, metals and so much more.
And this was just the start!  We didn't even begin to play yet!  Now we have not been to Chuck E Cheese in a few months.  Not because we don't love it, our Chuck E Cheese is an hour away so for us it is a treat!

Seeing as we have not been there in awhile we were super surprised when we realized they had a whole array of new games to play.  If I gave Brandon Jr the computer I am sure he could list them all, but the main new game I saw was "Plants VS Zombies."  This game is a huge hit at home, so I wasn't even shocked when I seen my boys V line to that one.
We played for a bit and then our host Maribel came back out to find my boys.
In her hand she had more tokens.  She wanted to play some games with my kiddos (On the house).
They loved this!  Her and Brandon played a few ski racing games and we had the entire family playing Ski Ball.. I came in 2nd, Maribel beat me by 100 points lol

Again though the fun was far from over.  Maribel asked if the kids wanted to do some activities she had set up.  My boys were both half in love with her at this point and followed her back to the party area like little ducks.
Back there she had set up towers for my boys to knock over with balls and rockets. 

 She also had some fun Chuck E Cheese masks for us to color.  Oh and she made it so much fun, she joked around with my boys the whole time and she had the entire family laughing and smiling.  I can not give this woman enough props for being amazing, she made the night for us!
Activities were complete it was food time!  For the first time that night I seen some raw excitement from my hubby.  That man and his pizza hehe.
We got to try two new products, first off with the Mac and Cheese pizza.  I was a bit iffy about this one.  I am so happy Maribel talked us into it.
Oh my it was SO SO GOOD! 

 So cheesy and creamy, Quinn who normally only eat 1 slice was on his 2nd in no time.  
According to my kids it was mac and cheese and pizza together.  The best of the food worlds finally in one.
We also got to try the Thin & Crispy pizza.  This pizza is so good it even beat Pizza Hut in a taste test.
After we were done eating, Chuck himself came on out to dance around with my boys!  They danced, cheered and even did super hero stances for the camera.

High fives and hugs were exchanged.  All the while the smile never left my kids face.  They were the birthday stars and they knew it at this point.
Now it was time for the cake.  hmmm actually the cake may have came before Chuck E Cheese came out.  Sorry we had so much fun last night I can't remember when everything occurred.  It doesn't matter though my boys were able to blow out candles and make wishes.  Quinn whispered to me that he wished all his birthdays could be at Chuck E Cheese.
We were then treated to a pinata!  I forget which one of my boys pulled the magic string, but the prizes that spilled forth were never ending!  Tickets, token, candy and fun!
The night was almost over, but what would a party be without its grand finale. 
I can't even put into words how much my boys wanted to do the Ticket Blaster.  To them this was some sort of magical portal that made the promise of tickets and fun.
Googles on, Quinn stepped in first.  The count down started 5 (Thumbs up from Quinn) 

4 (Over the top smile) 3 (bouncing on his feet) 2 (The laughter began)
If you would have heard the excited noise Quinn made you would have lost it laughing.  He was so cute jumping around trying to grab tickets.  He kept looking out the blaster at me as if he couldn't believe that he was really doing it.  Something he wanted to do for the past 2 years was finally happening.

We cheered him on and at the end of his turn he came out with arms filled with tickets.  Maribel helped him add them up and even added some extra.
Brandon was ready for his turn.  In he went and the tickets flew all over.  He jumped grabbed and laughed the whole time.
This was magical!

The rock star treatment didn't end here.  Maribel offered to let me try.  

I wont fib I always wanted to give it a go.   I loved it!  Seeing that I have long hair the tickets all, but stuck to me lol.  At 28 I felt like a kid again grabbing tickets.

Maribel took my boys to the prize table and I could tell she rounded up a bit for them. My boys got some AWESOME prizes.

This night was stunning.  I think my boys are rock stars and for the first time it seemed someone else agreed.
Maribel helped me pack up my food and talked to me right until the end.  Her passion for parties and making sure kids have a blast showed in every word she spoke.  When she told me that she was going to be a teacher I had to smile, that would be the perfect job for her.  This woman is going to be a great teacher, she gets kiddos and knows how to make them feel special, like they can do anything.

The whole way home my boys couldn't get over how much fun they had.  The told my hubby and I over and over again their favorite part of the night.  They called my sister and had her come over so they could show her all their goodies.  It is the next morning as I type this post and still my boys can't get over how much fun they had.
My kids were Rock Stars at Chuck E Cheese this is a b-day they will NEVER forget.
I don't know how many of you live in PA, but if you can get to the Wyomissing locations I can't give it enough praise!  The place is awesome.  The staff is friendly and they gave my kids an over the top special night.
Below you can see the packages.  If you are planning a b-day party Chuck E Cheese is the place to have it!!