NYC New York Color

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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 NYC New York Color 

My little sister has always been a big makeup wearer.  She went through an emo phase (And I swear for months she told me she was Elmo....  okay not really, but I so loved to tease her and pretend that is what I thought she was saying)  Next came her raccoon eye phase, her Gothic (Which according to her can never be confused with emo) phase and finally after years of me teasing her she is starting her what I like to call "Normal phase."

Please note all the other phases looked pretty on her and at times I was jealous of the heavy eye makeup look she wore.  We are sisters though and it is my job to tease and harass her as much as possible.

Now I am 28 and for years I was a bare minimalist when it came to makeup.  SPF, little cover up, some mascara and a dash of gloss... TADA I was done.
Earlier in the year I had a major change.  I wanted to change my look.  $500 later in clothing and I had the new clothing down....  Now time for the makeup.  The person I teased non stop growing up was now going to mentor me on how to wear it.
Yes people I was afraid, very afraid.  It would have been the perfect time for revenge lol.
She didn't though, my sister helped me figure out what works for me and what doesn't.
One of the companies I feel in love with was NYC New York Color.
I pitched them to do a review and they sent me two products to try out.  This wasn't my first time using the companies products, but since I loved them so much I wanted to promote for them on my blog.
I was sent
As you can see there are three colors.  This is perfect to create a smoky eye look.  Plus if you go on their site they give you a step by step to create both the classic smoky eye and the cat smoky eye.
Your pack is even labeled to let you know which is which.
The middle color is the all over lid.  You take this everywhere.  
The bottom color you place in your crease and blend it in to create that smoky look.
And last but not least you take the highlighter (Top) and apply to your brow bone and inner eye.
Pretty easy 1,2 and 3.
The color goes on smooth and last all day.  Plus it only cost 2.99!  

Okay so my sister helped me and told me not to use a lot that a little goes a long way.  Plus I am pale she didn't want it to dark.  It went on smoothly the color really stood out and I liked that I could make it light or dark.  Depending on the the mood I was in.

So now that we got the eyes made up I wanted a pretty color for my lips.

This was a very pretty color with just a hint of boldness.  I liked the fact it gave my lips a super shiny gloss look with out getting that gunky feeling.  Plus they actual have a nice smell!!  I swear it kind of reminds me of vanilla or maybe coconut.  Either way it smells good! 
Easy to apply, great color, no stickiness and it last awhile.  This is my kind of gloss!

The two products I reviewed are only two of many offered NYC New York Color
To learn more and see all they have to offer check out my link below: