Okie Goodies Box

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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One of my favorite ice cream flavors is Butter Pecan!  When I was little all my cousins hated it.  Even my siblings did too, I loved it though.  I remember my pappy would buy a whole gallon just for me and him since no one else liked it.  
That was okay with us, we didn't like to share.  I still remember my pap winking at me and saying really loud "Ready to eat this horrible ice cream!"  Catching on that he didn't want to share with the others I would give a pretend sigh and reply "If we must."  He would heap three scoops into our bowls and we would pretend to force ourselves to eat it.
Eventually everyone caught on and tried our Butter Pecan and of course loved it!  So we no longer got the gallon to ourselves!

Til this day that is still my go to ice cream.  Well should I now say my go to flavor.
Because thanks to the Okie Goodies Box I got this month I just found out there is Butter Pecan fudge!
I KID YOU NOT!  Some genius made Butter Pecan Fudge!!!!
And trust me it is just as good as the ice cream.  There were 4 flavors in my box this month, but when I seen that one a huge smile spread across my face because I thought of  me and my pap.

Okay I know you want to get off my trip down memory lane.  So let me talk a bit more about the product.
Once a month Okie Goodies sends a box right to your door.  Inside you can find, a whole array of local Oklahoma goodness.  I live in PA so you can imagine I couldn't wait to see what Oklahoma had to offer.  As a flea market/ farmer market fanatic I can safely say most of my favorite foods have been discovered at these types of places!

Now as fun as the Okie Goodies Box is, I am a fudge lover.  So I personally wanted to try the O! Fudge Box.

O! Fudge Box from Okie Goodies features small batch artisan fudge made in Bethany, Oklahoma. Each month they will send you up to eight surprise flavors of smooth, creamy fudge, ranging from classics like Chocolate Walnut or Cookies and Cream to quirky favorites like Root Beer, Pistachio, or Maple Bacon. 

Sounds yummy right?  As you know my box had a Butter Pecan inside and oh my was it good!  Super smooth and rich, with just the right amount of pecans.
I was also sent Rasberry, vanilla walnut and dark chocolate.
You can get a classic box and stick to more classic beloved flavors OR you can get adventurous and choose a quirky box!  Still yummy flavors, but may be something you never tried before.
Such as bacon!  I don't know about you, but some crazy thought is demanding I know what bacon fudge taste like.

You get a small sample to taste and fall in love.  They even provide you with a spoon so you can start to enjoy right away.

You choose how long you subscribe and then each month you get a box of goodness in your mail.
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