Plavix for blood clots

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Plavix for blood clots

Although blood clots are not dangerous on their own, they can jeopardize work of other systems. They are especially dangerous for patients who recently had a stroke or heart attack. Usually, 
person will discover a clotting problem while visiting a doctor for some other medical issue. Specialists from You! Drugstore refer to this state as polycythemia or increased number of red blood cells. As a result, patient may suffer from blood clots. Increase of red blood cells is caused due to disturbances of regulatory mechanisms within a body. Sometimes, condition may appear as a response to something else happening within organism such as lack of oxygen, malignant disease, use of certain drugs etc. 

There are two types of polycythemia, relative and absolute. If a person has relative form, number of red cells is not increased although you might have this impression due to reduction of blood 

plasma volume. This usually happens to individuals who lack liquid in their body. Polycythemia can easily be recognized by headache, weakness, itching all over the skin, dizziness and increased sweating. Patient may also have red face and red eyes. Some people feel as if their fingers have turned blue. 
In most of the cases, this disturbance will develop due to problems within bone marrow. 

Thickness of blood is also influenced by exposure to air. Individuals who are spending a lot of time on high altitude, those who have chronic pulmonary issues as well as smokers, are more likely to suffer from this illness. Sometimes, it can appear due to kidney failure, use of certain medication or due to doping. 

Patient who has think blood first has to perform analysis of hematocrit which shows percentage 

of red blood cells in total blood volume. After that, doctor can give therapy. Individual can try with venipuncture (letting blood) in order to improve circulation. Also, you can buy Plavix online to regulate this issue. This medicine is good for reducing body’s ability to coagulate blood. Older people should introduce more liquid into their body especially if they are suffering from a state that depletes it such as diarrhea, infection or increased body temperature. Doctor can also recommend moderate physical activity that can improve circulation. Like with most medical problems, it is best if you stay away from cigarettes because they are reducing arteries and further increasing risk of stroke or heart attack. 

One of the best medicines for this particular issue is Plavix. Drug prevents coagulation of blood and it is especially efficient for patients who are in life threatening situation. Have in mind that the drug prevents coagulation. Because of this, it may cause issues to people who are expecting to have a surgery. Before you can use the medicine, tell your doctor if you have kidney issues, stomach ulcer, history of stroke, bleeding or clotting disorder or if you are allergic to certain drugs. Patient may experience following side effects after using Plavix: itching, pain and bruising, swelling, collection of blood under the skin, red and purple spots on skin.