Power Poppers

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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I know I can't be the only mama whoms life has been over taking by all things Super Heroes.  As I type this post Quinn is watching some sort of Hulk Cartoon on Netflix.
We have movies, toys, posters, coloring books, super hero themed food, bath towels, clothing, clocks, lamps and everything else!  WE HAVE IT ALL.
Well at least I thought we did, recently I found these super cute Power Poppers!
Wondering what they are?

Power Poppers by Imperial Toy 
 Marvel Power Poppers, made of soft durable foam, fly over 24 times their own height! Each Power Popper comes with their own easy loading base. Push Power Popper into the base to load, then drop low or high to watch them fly up to 6 feet! Release at an angle to soar across the room or hit a target. Invent your own high flying tricks to challenge your friends. Hundreds of ways to pop!

Um 2 little boys and flying objects??  Yeah consider it an instant hit.  They set up different "bad guys" around the house and aimed their Power Poppers at them to knock them over.  I love watching them find new angles or when they try to see who can go the highest.  It never gets old.  

I think this is a great toy for all ages.  And I mean all ages, because over the weekend when My hubby was watching football I kept making them pop in the air to interrupt his game :)
Then I kept trying to shoot his snacks over with the Hulk Popper and of course this was followed by a "Hulk Smash."  
After 20 minutes of me nonstop annoying him he took them away from me!  

These little Power Poppers are a blast and I can see them being a huge hit in the stocking this holiday season.
This is only one of the great toys offered by Imperial Toy to see all they have to offer check out my link below: