PURELL Give the gift of being Germ Free

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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The week before School started I told my hubby, "I Bet we get sick within the next two weeks."  Four days later we were all sniffling.  At the start of school I almost feel as if I should give my immune system some sort of pep talk.  You know prepare her for the doom that is about to come.
I know on Game of Thrones the term "Winter is Coming" gets tossed around a bit.  I kind of feel like the catch phrase for back to school should be, "The Germs are Coming."

This mama is tired of being sick.  I had one cold to many this year so far and I am about to battle ready my kiddos and I.  Be prepared germs because the Miller house hold is about to fight back!
I was recently sent a box filled with PURELL products.
I know PURELL is a household name.  I don't know if you know all the facts though.
PURELL kills 99.99% of germs that make us sick.  They are used by top leading hospitals.  (I know whenever I take my boys to the doctor the first thing he does is come into our room and use the Purell bottle hanging near the door.)  They are clinically proven to be effective in maintaining skin health.  And they are enhanced with emollients for a skin friendly formula that is gentle on hands.
PURELL offers, both wipes and hand sanitize.  In both at home and travel friendly sizes.  
Because you know germs don't take a break!  They are everywhere.
This holiday season they are offering JELLY WRAP carriers. 

 These are not only perfect for on the go, but will make a super cute stocking stuffer.  They even come in 4 scents:
Ocean Kiss
Sweet Plum
Ginger Spice
Warm Fall Spice
I never use the cigarette lighter in my car.  I don't smoke so it until now was useless.  I now use it to hook the end of my jelly wrap!  Super easy to grab and always within reaching distance.  I even put one into my little guys book bag.  
So I do adore the all new Jelly Wraps, but I can't forget the old fashion hand pumps.  I always have one of these in my house.  One in the bathroom and one right next to our tissue box.  In my mind if I put them here I can stop germs right in their tracks!

I love that they leave my hands feeling soft and NEVER burn.  I had sanitize in the past feel as if they removed a layer of skin.

These are great for pumping and rubbing into my own hands.  Quinn likes to be difficult some times though and wont let me pump them into his little hands.  When he gets this way I just grab a wipe and do it myself.  Not only can I do his hand, but I can get his face too!
Getting any germs that may be on his skin :)
These are great for in the car, my purse, diaper bag, and my hubby even has one on his forklift at work! 

 I love having them in my bag, whenever I go grocery shopping I always pull one out to wipe my hands and the cart handle!

Germs aren't fun, being sick can ruin anyone's days.  Purell gives us a fighting chance against germs.  I know I will most likely still at some point get sick.  At least when I do I can know I did everythign possible to prevent it.
To learn more about Purell and see all their great products check out my link below: