Revell Cars

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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It is no secret that my boys are obsessed with all things cars.  They like to work on them, they like to go to car shows and the even like to build them.  Okay by build them I of course me mini sized model cars.  If they could build cars I would save a ton of money!
 Recently I came across a new company.  Revell not only are their car designs trendy, but the cars are easy to build.  My kids are 4 and 7 they need something a bit easier.
We do have to help them a bit, but for the most part my kids were able to do most of the work.
The best part is, even after building yourself the finished product is durable!  So kids can play with their creation.

Before I talk about the 3 products I was sent I want to that this is only 3 of MANY!  I wouldn't have enough space to mention all of their items. 

 Climb aboard for a high-seas adventure The crew of the Black Diamond lives on a cutlass' edge, sweeping the high seas of any lubber hapless enough to get in range of the long nines. This crew of sea dogs is looking for a new captain to lead them to riches, do you have what it takes? Sure you do, the one-piece hull makes it easy to get the Diamond into the seas. But beware, there's a short rope hanging from a tall mast for any who get themselves caught by the East India Company.

1/25 Jeep® Wrangler Rubicon Model Kit

The iconic Jeep has been continuously improved since its introduction with the military in World War II, keeping abreast with changing times and managing to stay relevant through the decades. Much has changed, but at its core the Jeep is the same all-terrain, go anywhere machine that carried the Allies deep into Axis territory. The Rubicon, named after the Rubicon Trail in the Sierra Nevada Range, had special features such as front and rear Dana 44 axles, Rock-Trac four-wheel drive, and special alloy wheels. Kit features easy, snap-together construction.

The new Challenger borrows much of its style from the seventies model, the two are just not in the same class. With a zero to sixty of just four seconds, the 2013 Challenger SRT8 is one of the fastest production pony cars ever. Plus, with the 2013 topping out at 180, there's nothing left for the old model to do but eat dust. Kit features fully-detailed V-8 engine, decorated body and metal axles.

I am not ready to have my boys drive real cars anytime soon.  I am so okay with them playing with these super cool Revell cars!  Building them is only half the fun.  Once they are done the fun lasts for hours and hours.  Plus there is nothing like bragging to your buddies and saying you built you own toy!

Better yet they are even sold at your local Michael's!