Rollerball Layering Trio by Clean

I was given products in this post to test and give my honest feedback.  All opinions are my own.
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You have no clue how many times I have gotten behind someone at the grocery store and choked on their perfume!  I am not joking it feels as if I am choking because they either have to much on or it was just to strong!
I prefer subtle scents, that can be smelled without being over powering.
Over the years I have had some hit and miss brands, but I just discovered one that I think will always have a place on my perfume shelf.
The Rollerball Layering Trio by Clean.  

I know I could write a bunch of words to explain this perfume to you, but I think they do it best on their site. 

~~We believed then, as we do now, that you wear your scent, it doesn't wear you. We sought to provide an every day alternative, a smell that settles on your skin naturally, to be worn as comfortably as a favorite sweater, with a feel as refreshing as a bright spring day or a cool crisp fall morning.~~

And it is so very true.  I was able to review the three scent trio which are New Cashmere, Warm Cotton and Skin.  The scents alone let you know they our subtle.  I love that not only can I wear them alone, but I can mix them for a truly unique refreshing scent.
The scents are crisp, fresh and subtle.  I control how much I put on with the rollerballs.  And even if I put on more then I wanted to it never smells overpowering.
The smells are calming and natural.  The provide a clean aroma and their site even says they are a non perfume, perfume :)
And each ingredient chosen is conscience of our skin and environment.

They offer both men and women scents and can be worn everyday and anywhere.
I was able to review 3 scents, but they offer many more.
And perfume is just one of their many products
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