Sands Alive! Glow by Play Visions

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A few years ago I took my boys to the beach and my little Quinn discovered Sand.  And it was a wondrous thing to my at the time little 1 1/2 year old.  I remember he had sand every where and it took my hubby and I an hour in the shower to get it all off.
Quinn was in love though!  Last year we got to go again to the beach and again little Quinn was thrilled with this squishy, build-able, truck playable stuff.  
My dad finally said ENOUGH!  The boys shouldn't have to wait to play with sand once a year I will build him a sand box.  So in the yard him and my brother went.  A few hammers to thumb, splinters and spilled finisher later Quinn's sand box was done. 
And my Quinn has never been more grateful for anything in his life.  If I would let him he would be in there from sun up until sun down.  As Winter slowly moves in though we have to cover up our sand box and put away our summer toys.  I always hate doing this because it breaks his little heart.  My hubby and I keep pushing off doing it, because little Quinn looks so sad every-time we walk out with the winterized tarp.
Don't worry dear readers though.  My sweet Quinn is in for a treat come Christmas time.  Santa heard of his love for Sand.  He is getting Quinn Sand Alive! Glow.

Sands Alive! Glow is fun and easy to use. When you're ready to take your Sands Alive! to the next level, bring it into the dark and watch it magically come to life. Use the special Sands Alive! Glow tools (included) to doodle on the sand. Sands Alive!, the indoor no-mess play sand is bacteria-free, never dries out, and is flying off store shelves. It's fun to play with, stimulates creativity and is easy to sculpt, making it a great indoor and outdoor activity. This incredible sand now has an added element that is truly mind-glowing - you have the power to make it glow with Sands Alive! Glow. 

A sand that can be played indoors!!  A sand that is fun year round!  A sand that doesn't have to go away just because Winter is here?!!!
Yes you read that right, this is a sand that Quinn can play with year round.  He never has to put it away and better yet this is like Sand 2.0!  It glows and comes to life.  Okay well not alive, but it glows and in Quinn's mind that will be like it coming to life.
It never dries out, it is mess free, no bacteria, non sticky, non toxic, wont stain and it is all natural.

You can use a special doddle to draw or sculpt in the sand.   When you turn out the lights you can watch it glow and come to life. 

I read online the more you play the fluffy the sand gets.  Also it is water solution-able.  Meaning if you it gets in your mouth it will dissolve. 

I can't wait to see my Quinn's face when he first sees his indoor sand!  To learn more or purchase for your little one please see my link below: