Shopping for Men is TOUGH Holiday Gift guide

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Shopping for Men is TOUGH Holiday Gift guide 

I never again want to here my hubby say I am hard to shop for.  There are three things that are always a hit with me clothing, books or candy.  Don't get me wrong there are so many other things I want this holiday season, but if you are in a bind those are the three you can't go wrong with.
My hubby on the other hand likes 1 thing and that is his TV.  I offer to buy him video games, he claims he likes the ones he already has.  I offer to buy him sports stuff, he tells me I will get the wrong stuff.
I give up! lol
Well not really I just had to get more creative.
I started getting him stuff for his tool box every year.  This excites him, why you may ask?
Well my hubby is cheap.  There I said it!  He hates to replace things, he hates to hire people to fix things.
In his mind he is Fix if Felix.
So me getting him tool box items is kind of like stroking his ego.  As if I think he is capable of fixing these things.
The newest addition to said tool box is:

 This holiday season, everyone will be clamoring for the original Bondic Pen, a DIY tool that works when glue just can't get the job done.
Okay so wondering how it works?
 Bondic can rebuild almost anything. It is a convenient and powerful tool that uses a unique liquid formula that is transformed into hard plastic in just 4 seconds when exposed to a special UV light. 
Whether it’s a broken cell phone charger, taillight, toy, fishing lure, or glasses, Bondic can fix it.
I have a lamp in my room.  I know you are thinking well lamps can be replaces just get rid of it.  The thing is this lamp was one of the last things my friend gave me in 2008 before he passed away.
It is more than a lamp, it is a memory.  I couldn't use it for the longest time because the wire part was starting to come apart.  It was a fire hazard.  I couldn't throw it away though and I am so happy I didn't Bondic fix it in matter of seconds.  Covering those dangerous wires easily.
A once broken lamp is new again and back in its place of honor in my bedroom.

It can fix almost anything from putting broken glasses arms back together, to sealing holes in copper pipes. 
You can literally use it for all projects such as DIY repairs like filling holes to make new threading, bonding materials together for craft projects, car repairs like fixing a broken tail light, even repairing cords or wires that have been frayed.

One of its best features is that unlike glue, the liquid plastic never dries up in the tube, so it can last for years even after its initial use. After hardening, the material can even be filed, milled or painted to make your repair look seamless.

I am pretty impressed and my hubby has a new favorite tool box item.  I swear the man is getting mad because we aren't breaking things fast enough for him lol.
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